Cheer Up ARMYs! These Bands Made It Through a Hiatus
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Cheer Up ARMYs! Here are the Bands That Made It Through a Hiatus

Cheer Up ARM Ys Here are the Bands Made It Through a Hiatus

If you’re still reeling from BTS’ shocking hiatus announcement, we hear you. Their music has been one of our silver linings in this chaotic world, sending the boys from the halls of the United Nations down to the White House. The boys did assure fans that this isn’t a break-up, but rather a chance to explore and find their identity.

Going on a hiatus is normal among artists, especially in an industry where competition is cut-throat and there’s a never-ending pressure to create more and satisfy fans. While many bands who announced their break have yet to make a comeback, a lot of them also managed to survive the hiatus curse. To console your sad hearts, check out these bands that made it through a hiatus.

Backstreet Boys

The face of boy bands in the ‘90s and early ‘00s, Backstreet Boys are no stranger to taking a break. The group—composed of Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean, and Kevin Richardson—announced multiple hiatuses throughout the years and saw their members make solo projects along the way. But they never failed to surprise with reunion performances, much to their fans’ delight. Just last year, the boys announced a Christmas album and holiday shows together, although those had to be postponed because of the pandemic.

My Chemical Romance

American rockers My Chemical Romance went beyond taking a break by announcing their disbandment in 2013. Like a messiah rising from the dead, the emo group reunited in December 2019. And just this year, the boys unveiled a song for the first time since 2014, a six-minute track called “The Foundations of Decay.” MCR is also set to do a reunion tour in North America.

Fall Out Boys

Fall Out Boys announced their break in 2009 as members ventured into separate projects and new life chapters (read: bassist Pete Wentz divorced Ashlee Simpson). The band came back four years later with their fifth studio album, “Save Rock and Roll.”

Girl’s Generation

K-pop group Girl’s Generation is ending its five-year hiatus with a new album to be released in August. Although they overcame the so-called seven-year curse, the all-female group shocked fans in 2017 when they announced their hiatus. The break allowed the members to land solo projects and acting jobs. For their comeback, which coincides with their 15th anniversary since their debut in August 2007, the group is expected to appear in TV shows to promote their album.


Dubbed as the “Princes of the K-pop industry,” SHINee is no stranger to setbacks. Former member Jonghyun’s death in December 2017 rocked the Hallyu world and put a spotlight on the pressure that comes with being famous. Other members also had to take a break to fulfill their military service obligations. But the group is now back, better and stronger! Last May, the four-member band celebrated their 14th anniversary with fans via a livestream party and uploaded a six-minute video about the group’s journey.

Foo Fighters

This legendary American rock band announced their indefinite hiatus—aptly called “ihateus”—in 2016 because "the world needs a break from us for a little while." A year after, the band released their ninth album, “Concrete and Gold,” followed by their 10th studio album, “Medicine at Midnight,” in February 2021. Foo Fighters is slated to hold concerts in London and Los Angeles later this year as a tribute to drummer Taylor Hawkins, who passed away last March 25.

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