Bye Flabs, Hello Muscles: Finding Personal Trainers in SG

Bye Flabs, Hello Muscles: Finding Personal Trainers in Singapore to Help in Your Fitness Journey

Achieving one’s fitness goals isn’t always a linear journey. For some people, it involves going back and forth and hitting the pause button, especially when their motivation barometer goes down. That’s why it helps to have a fitness buddy to guide you through your journey of getting fit and strong. They will help you to stay on track, keep your eyes on the goal, and motivate you to show up especially during those days when you’re just feeling meh.

Singapore is home to professional fitness trainers who can deliver all those things. To help you become and stay fit, here are our recommended gyms and studios that offer personal trainers in Singapore.


Established in 2014, Level knows there’s no shortcut to fitness. This gym trades fads and trends for a fitness routine tailored to every individual’s goal. Level will design your training program to suit forms and movements that are relevant to your lifestyle. Aside from motivating you to get your body moving, their trainers will also make sure that you’re doing your movements correctly and safely. A personal one-on-one training starts at S$130 per session, with options for group packages.

On your first day, expect your trainer to assess your lifestyle and fitness to help draw out your individualized training program. Click here to know more about their offers.

Urban Active Fitness

At Urban Active Fitness, you can choose your own personal trainer depending on your goals. All their trainers’ profiles are posted on the website so you can assess who suits you best, with their specialties ranging from fat loss, toning, and muscle development to strength and conditioning, injury rehab, and triathlon training. A buddy package costs S$1,400 spread over 10 sessions. This not only covers physical training, but also a diet plan and a complete workout programme.

Check out the rest of their rates and packages here.

ATP Personal Training

This gym offering personal trainers in Singapore (and Hong Kong) designs their programmes using three factors: daily routine, nutrition, and activity. This approach helps make sure that every progress a trainee achieves is sustainable, even outside “gym hours.” They are perfect if your ultimate goal is to lose weight as evidenced by the dozens of client stories shared on their website.

Drop them a message via this page to know more about their personal training programmes.

Genesis Gym Singapore

Branding themselves as the “customized training for busy people,” Genesis Gym Singapore offers flexible schedules and programmes so you won’t have an excuse not to show up. But fret not as their training sessions are designed to achieve your fitness pain points and goals. They offer the Mid-Life Makeover Programme, which is meant for 30-something individuals who are prone to slower metabolism, nagging body aches, and changing hormones.

Curious what they have for you? Check out their website.


Have you ever started a goal with so much enthusiasm only to see the passion die down without even reaching the finish line? Yeah, we’ve all been there. 1-Habit wants to address this (in the fitness department, at least) through their “sustainable body transformation” programme. This gym was founded by Aqilah, who believes that losing fat and gaining strength take one habit at a time. She had her fair share of struggle, going back to a “period of binge eating and self-sabotaging” after losing 20 kilos in eight months, according to an anecdote in her profile on 1-Habit’s website. This led her to create a community where every progress counts and where trainees are motivated to make lasting changes to their lifestyle and develop habits to sustain every flab they lose.

Click here to know more about their fitness coaching.

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