For Introverts: 6 Fun Things to Do in Singapore Alone
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We Bet Introverts Will Love These Fun Things to Do in Singapore Alone

Singapore streets

Discovering new places in the company of your friends is always a good idea. But being able to wander around by yourself also brings a different level of fulfillment. It brings you extra confidence and allows you to be independent. After all, having your me-time is a great way to boost your personal wellbeing.

But we know how the outdoors can be intimidating, especially in a mega city like Singapore. To ease your doubts, we’ve listed some fun things to do in Singapore alone.

Eat Your Way Through Singapore Food Trails

Hawker Centre Singapore

Singapore is known for its global palate. You can find world-renowned restaurants specializing in Western food, as well as Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, and Southern Indian cuisines. But if you want a taste of Singapore’s authentic food, go to its hawker centers.

Solo dining in Singapore may be odd to others, but if you’re comfortable eating alone, it's not a big deal. If you get lonely, you can also join food tours that feature modern restaurants and traditional hawker centers.

Go to a Museum

National Museum of Singapore

Thinking of how to enjoy your quiet time? Spend some hours in a museum to help weed out a bad day or any negative emotions. Visiting a museum is one of the easiest and most meaningful things to do in Singapore alone. It is an avenue of learning and inspiration that promotes culture, the arts, and community involvement.

Have Solo Cinema Trips

Singapore Film

Another great way to spend your me-time is by watching a movie by yourself. Going to cinemas alone doesn’t mean you’re a loser, but it rather helps you learn more about independence and self-love.

Learn a Solo Hobby

playing ukelele

Singapore offers a myriad of opportunities if you want to develop a hobby or discover interests. For example, you can enjoy local street performances along the Cavanagh Bridge at Boat Quay. If you’re into music, you can write songs or play instruments while enjoying the lush sceneries of nature parks around the city-state. If you're interested in astronomy, discover the magic of the universe at the Science Centre Observatory. It offers spectacular stargazing and digital planetarium live shows, interactive exhibits, and science demonstrations you can enjoy alone.

Re-visit Your Favorite Places in the City

Singapore streets

Take a trip down memory lane by revisiting places you frequented as a child. The National Gallery, Toa Payoh Dragon Playground, and Golden Mile Complex are just some landmarks that will make you reminisce your childhood memories.

Traveling alone or pretending to be a tourist in your own city is also one of the best things to do in Singapore alone. Go solo backpacking to cross something off your travel-related bucket list and you’ll be surprised by how spontaneous you can be.

Volunteer or Visit an Animal Shelter

petting a dog at animal shelter

Rescue shelters run a campaign that says “adopt, don’t shop.” If you want to do something worthwhile during your me-time, why not visit an animal shelter and welcome a new furry best friend? Apart from animals, you can also meet like-minded people and befriend fellow animal lovers.

Some of the organisations you can check out if you want to be an animal shelter volunteer are Animal Lover’s League, SOSD, and Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter.

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