Álvaro Siza Unveils Architectural Watch Design with Lebond


Álvaro Siza's Architectural Triumph Transcends to Watches with Lebond Siza

Renowned for his visionary architectural designs, Álvaro Siza bridges the worlds of timepieces and architectural style with his latest collaboration with the independent, Spain-based watch brand, Lebond Watches.

His creation, the Lebond Siza mechanical automatic watch, is a harmonious blend of his design ethos and the precision of horology. Siza, now at the age of 89, proclaims, "Space and time move architecture." Indeed, the Lebond Siza watch, designed in 2022, embodies this philosophy.

Siza's Leça swimming pool in Portugal, designed in 1966 when he was a mere 28 years old, plays the muse for this timepiece. Made from Grade 5 titanium, the Lebond Siza’s distinctive case shape mirrors the pool’s original square outline, a silent homage to the space that cemented his position in the annals of architectural history.

Álvaro Siza's Architectural Triumph Transcends to Watches with Lebond Siza
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Beyond the case, Siza's minimalist approach resonates in the design of the matte black lacquered watch hands. They serve as a nod to the unadorned restroom signs the architect has recurrently referenced in his illustrious career.

Crafted with meticulous care, the Lebond Siza boasts a Swiss-made mechanical automatic movement. The choice of Grade 5 titanium as its primary material is a testament to Siza's penchant for minimalism, prioritising both beauty in its micro-sanded matte finish, and practicality with its lightweight nature.

For the strap, the architect opts for black rubber, appreciated for its comfort and durability. It's fastened with a deployant clasp, ensuring a seamless fit. A peek at the watch case back reveals the exposed movement. Floating gracefully above it, Álvaro Siza's signature is etched onto the sapphire crystal—a subtle reminder of the mastermind behind this timeless piece.

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