We Try Going Alcohol-Free for Sober October With Sipfree
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The Beat Asia Tries Going Alcohol-Free for Sober October With Sipfree

The Beat Asia Tries Going Alcohol Free for Sober October 3

Owing to a growing popularity of Dry January in Hong Kong and an increase in consumption of low- and non-alcoholic beverages in the city, Hong Kong’s leading non-alcoholic drinks company Sipfree has expanded in recent months to ride a growing health wave in Hong Kong.

Established in 2019, the Hong Kong-born company is ushering in Sober October, a month of refrainment from alcohol to provide a well-needed post-summer reset. It has a wide range of new and bestselling low- and no-alcohol beers, ciders, wines, and spirits sold exclusively online and in many supermarkets, such as City Super, Oliver’s, Market Place by Jasons, and Feather & Bone Group.

To challenge myself this Sober October and explore Sipfree’s expansive range of low- and non-alcoholic beverages. I decided to spend a week drinking exclusively non-alcohol beverages to cut back on my unit intake and become healthier. Here’s how our week went.

Sober October

Day One: Mikkeller, Drink’in The Sun

Brewed by D’Proef brewery in Belgium, this Danish-made American-style wheat ale is a refreshing sip for any sunny day in Hong Kong. With a nice hoppyness introduced on first taste, the ale has a strong passionfruit-mango flavour with a mead body that exudes summery tropical vibes. Mikkeller claims “real sunshine” is added into each can, alongside the usual ingredients, making Drink’in The Sun a pleasant and light drink.

Day Two: Big Drop Brewing Co., Citra IPA

Locked into a cute can with a large drop of green liquid emblazoned on the face, this IPA tastes light compared to an alcoholic pale ale, matching the real thingy with a hoppy and malty base flavour. The citrus notes are faint and come in the aftertaste, with a lighter body that ensures another can won’t weigh down. This Big Drop best-seller retains all the brightness of citrus and the twang of bitterness from hops, as one would expect in an IPA.

Day Three: 0.5% VandeStreek’s Playground IPA

Presented in one of the funkier and more creative can designs sold on Sipfree, the Dutch VandeStreek brewery’s IPA carries a similar weight and flavour to a typical IPA. Coming with a fuller body and fizz, it is surprising that the Playground beverage comes sans alcohol. It is punchy with a refreshing taste and holds a mild fruit punch aroma that makes each sip a pleasant experience.

Sober october

Day Four: 0% Aperol Spritz Set - 1x Lyre's Italian Spritz + 1x Carl Jung Mousseux

Sipfree’s recommended Aperol Spritz set, marrying Lyre’s natural Italian Spritz and Carl Jung’s Mousseux prosecco, transforms the old classic into a modern alcohol-free version, retaining the exact lightness and tang famous with the cocktail. Keeping the same liquorice-flavour present in a normal Aperol, the drink is elevated with a tarty and honey-like grape note carried in the Mousseux.

Day Five: 0% Carl Jung Sparkling Rosé

Unfortunately, with the end of summer, a glass of rose is missing its certain snap. But in Hong Kong, the sun and heat don't set anytime soon until December, so the Carl Jung is perfect for those final junk trips and rooftop sessions. With notes of raspberry and strawberry, the Carl Jung sparkling pink wine excels with classic fizz found in an alcoholic version. Gentle and fruity, this is perfect for the dining table and al fresco dining on the balcony.

Final Thoughts

We cannot fault Hong Kong’s love for and indulgence with alcohol. The city’s bars perform highly on regional and world rankings and constantly wow us with innovation. However, with a moment to pause during Sober October, sampling Sipfree’s wide range of innovative non-alcoholic drinks and beverages gave us food for thought (or rather drink for pondering) on our relationship with alcohol in the city.

Minus the warm face, buzz, blistering hangover, and hit to your wallet, going non-alcoholic in your drinking for Sober October allows you to reset and rediscover how you view alcohol in your life. Sipfree affords Hong Kongers the space to enjoy your Sober October and attempt a new lifestyle with great health benefits!

The Beat Hong Kong x Sipfree Giveaway

Sipfree, Hong Kong's premier purveyor of all things no and low alcohol, is offering The Beat Hong Kong readers a chance to win one of two mixed cases of Big Drop Brewing's Non-Alcohol Beers. Valued at HK$600 per case, each winner will receive 12 cans of Big Drop Brewing Non-Alcoholic Gluten Free Citra IPA and 12 cans of Big Drop Brewing Non-Alcoholic Gluten Free Pale Ale delivered directly to your door. Head over to our Instagram page to find out more.

Sober october

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