Hurtigruten Norway to Launch Zero-Emission Ship in 2030
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Hurtigruten Norway Unveils Zero-emission Cruise Ship Set to Launch in 2030

Header Hurtigruten Norway Unveils Zero emission Cruise Ship Set to Launch in 2030 Photo by Website/Hurtigruten Norway

Hurtigruten Norway has revealed the early concept designs for its first zero-emission ship. The vessel is part of the “Sea Zero” project, which was announced by the cruise line in March 2022.

The new designs propose using retractable sails fitted with solar panels, as well as an array of cutting-edge technologies, like contra-rotating propellers, multiple retractable thrusters, air lubrication systems, advanced hull coatings, and proactive hull cleaning.

The ship will be equipped with a 60 MWh battery pack that can be charged in port, generating additional green energy from the sun and wind. Its streamlined shape will save power and enable smoother sailing. It is estimated that the ship can cover approximately 300 to 350 nautical miles per charge, and battery levels can be tracked on a display attached to hull sides.

The inaugural electric vessel will span 443 feet and feature 270 cabins for up to 500 guests, cabins for 99 crew, a large cargo hold, and a space for cars. The ship’s enlarged surface areas with dedicated windows will offer unparalleled views of the high seas and coastlines passing by.

As Hurtigruten Norway is gearing to include AI technology into the ship’s operation, designers predict advanced AI maneuvering capabilities will significantly reduce the size of the ship’s bridge, with further AI technologies optimizing docking operations by gathering real-time data. Guests will also play a key role in ensuring the ship’s green credentials thanks to an onboard interactive app where they can monitor their water and energy consumption.

The company plans to transform its entire fleet into zero-emission vessels by 2030, with the first ship ready by then. With only 0.1% of ships worldwide currently using zero-emission technology, Hurtigruten Norway’s project aims to drastically improve the cruise industry’s sustainability and the future of travel.

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