Where to Find Organic Drinks in Bangkok


Drink Healthy: Where to Find Organic Drinks in Bangkok

We are what we eat, and that includes our drinks. While sugar-loaded bubble teas are still the craze today, there’s a lot of us who prefer to drink healthier options, particularly those with ingredients from organic sources. Whether you’re planning to detox or reach a fitness goal, here’s where you can find organic drinks in Bangkok.


Veggiology is an organic café and juice bar founded by Tan Dujrutai. Their cold-pressed veggie juices come in 28 types so you can choose depending on your health goals, what kind of diet you’re in, or what kind of existing health condition you want to manage.

For example, their 11 Tummy Buddy offers detoxifying properties and aids in digestive and constipation relief. It’s made with alkaline water, apple, maple syrup, and organically grown lime, chia seeds, cayenne pepper, and pineapple. Priced at THB290 (500ml) and THB180 (260ml), you can enjoy this light and fruity drink while keeping your tummy healthy.

Veggiology is open daily (except Mondays) from 9 AM to 8 PM. If you want your drinks delivered instead, you can order through their official website or their LINE shop. Deliveries are also available via Robinhood.

Location: 8 Sukhumvit 41 Alley, Klongtan Nue, Watthana

Brekkie Organic Café and Juice Bar

Brekkie Organic Café and Juice Bar is a go-to healthy breakfast place in Bangkok. They offer salads, quinoa-based meals, sandwiches, pastas, pancakes, superfood bowls, and many other nutritious options.

Get one of their fresh Pomegranate Juice for THB149 or their Blush On, Simply Green, Burn, Beta Bomb, Keep Kool, Red Roots, Get Glow, and Hydrate juices for THB79 per bottle. If you’re planning to dine in, you can order their Energy Smoothie (THB239) or their Acai Smoothie (THB179).

The café is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM. You can check their website for the complete menu or their Instagram account for updates on store openings.

Location: 6/9 Soi Promsri North, Klongtan, Watthana

Cheewit Jitjai

Cheewit Jitjai is an online health food store that offers “organic body and mind food for longevity.” Their organic cold-pressed juices are available in 10 types, depending on the kind of detox and health benefits you need. If you love to work out, you can get their 02 I Am Kind organic juice. For those who want a good night’s sleep, then their 04 I Am Relax organic juice is a good choice. Get yourself one for THB220 (500ml) or THB125 (250ml) per bottle.

To order, you can add Cheewit Jitjai on LINE. You can also follow their Instagram for the complete menu and for limited-time promos of their specific juices.


Pukpun offers freshly homemade smoothies processed from fruits, vegetables, and cereal grains that come directly from farmers. They also grow some organic plants themselves to assure that each ingredient they use were grown in an environmentally friendly growing process.

Instead of buying an organic drink individually, you might want to try signing up for their programs to push yourself to drink healthy every day. Become a Pukpun member and start with their five-day Hello Test! program (THB999), which includes a different color of fruit and vegetable smoothie delivered every morning. Each mason jar (450ml) is filled with a smoothie with no sugar or honey content.

Visit their website to sign up to one of their programs. They’re also on Instagram if you want to see how their smoothies are made.

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