Organic Food Product Brands in Thailand for Kids


For Your Little One: Get Organic Food Products from These Thai Brands

We only want what’s best for our children, and one way to show how we truly care for them is to be selective of the food they eat. Not only do we have to make sure that they don’t grow up as picky eaters, but we also have to be sure they’re getting the nutrients they need. This is more important if our little ones have allergies that we simply can’t ignore.

Good thing, healthier and safer options aren’t that difficult to find anymore! Below are some brands in Thailand where you can get organic food products.

Baby Spoon

Baby Spoon offers a wide selection of frozen gourmet baby food made from organic ingredients. Their products are categorised to different “steps,” so customers know which are ideal depending on the age of their baby: Step 1 (6+ months), Step 2 (9+ months), Step 3 (12+ months), and Step 4 (15+ months).

Try their Chicken & Sweetcorn Blend (THB85) to give your little one a creamy blend of chicken and sweetcorn plus Japanese pumpkin, onions, and potatoes or their Fish & Sunflower Sprouts (THB85) for a nutritious blend of fish, Chinese cabbage, and sunflower sprouts cooked with organic jasmine and riceberry rice. For tasty milk drinks, you can try their Magic Sipper Rainbow (THB48, one pack contains five straws). This “magic” straw gives flavour to any milk drink you give to your child.

Check out their website to know more of their options. They’re also on Facebook and Instagram.

Apple Monkey

This organic baby meal brand tells the story of a former banker mom whose child suffered from food allergies. After she resigned to take care of her little one, she started Apple Monkey to offer products made from non-GMO fruits with no pesticides, preservatives, colours, gluten, and oil.

We recommend getting their Organic Rice Crackers, which are available in different flavours, such as sweet potato, pumpkin, spinach, corn rice, strawberry and banana, and blueberry and strawberry. These are made from organic jasmine rice and don’t have MSG and preservatives. We also recommend their Germinated Brown Rice Puffs, which come in Original and Choco Banana, to give your child a soft-baked finger food that they can munch on.

Apple Monkey’s products can be bought at Villa Market, Gourmet Market, Tops Market, and many other stores in Thailand. Visit their website to see a complete list of their organic choices.

Organic Seeds

Organic Seeds is known as one of the leading organic superfood brands in Thailand. They offer carefully selected top-quality superfoods and a wide range of raw grain, seeds, and powder products that you and your little one can enjoy.

Get their Organic Ground Brown Flaxseeds (THB250 for 200g, THB500 for 1kg) for a diet rich in alpha linolenic acid (ALA) or their Organic Spinach Powder (THB350 for 50g, THB1,500 for 1kg) for a diet rich in protein, amino acids, and minerals such as vitamins A, B2, B6, B9, and K. They also have Organic Quinoa (THB350 for 350g, THB500 for 1kg) which comes in white, black, red, and a mix of all colours.

Visit their website to order. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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