Most Prestigious Membership Clubs in Bangkok
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The Most Prestigious Membership Clubs in Bangkok

The Most Prestigious Membership Clubs in Bangkok Photo by Facebook/The Bangkok Club

Amid the bustling traffic jams and busy hawkers fanning flames in night markets in Bangkok lies a small but powerful group of clubs that are only exclusive to the affluent. Or if not affluent, knows someone who is rich enough to grant them door access. These clubs, tucked away from the noise and chatter of the city, equate to a status symbol.

Here are Bangkok’s top membership clubs where the rich and well-connected hang out.

The British Club Bangkok

Founded in 1903, The British Club Bangkok is one of the oldest membership clubs in the city. Australians, British, New Zealanders, and Canadians dominate the club’s demographics, but individuals from other nationalities are welcome, too. They offer two types of membership: annual, which allows the member to use the club and its facilities for one year, and full, a lifetime membership with all-access to facilities as long as the member is paying subscription fees. Full membership also gives voting rights and allows attendance to members’ meetings and a stand for election to the general committee.

The British Club Bangkok houses several restaurants and has equipment and dedicated spaces for various sports activities.


The Bangkok Club

The Bangkok Club is the largest executive club in Thailand by floor space and the number of members. Located in the capital’s central business district, the club occupies the top four floors of the Sathorn City Tower. Its members are given access to the magnificent cityscape while sipping a glass of wine. It has a well-equipped fitness area, spa facilities, and fine dining restaurants. Membership is by invitation only.


Pacific City Club

Occupying the top three floors of the Two Pacific Palace building in Bangkok, Pacific City Club offers sweeping views of the city. Its colonial-style architecture lends the club a royal ambiance that is only given to powerful individuals. It has dining outlets that serve traditional Chinese and Western menus, as well as bars, a gym, spa, and a salon. At the lobby, members can relax in comfortable chairs and sip brewed tea or bite into sandwiches.

Membership at this club is by invitation only and is subject to the nod of the admission committee.


Royal Bangkok Sports Club

Another prestigious membership club in Thailand, the Royal Bangkok Sports Club boasts of a golf course, a massive horse track, and other facilities for chess, billiards, basketball, swimming, and badminton, among others. It also has on-site restaurants that cater to gourmands and a banquet hall for events. It is reported that an applicant has to fork out THB2 million to become a member.


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