How to Listen to Music in Real-time with Friends on Spotify
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Spotify Launches Jam: Real-Time Listening Session for Friends

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Spotify Launches Jam Real Time Listening Session for Friends Header Photo by Website/Unsplash

Spotify is continuing its mission to enhance the music-sharing experience for users with the global launch of Jam, a personalized, real-time listening session. Building on previous features like ‘Collaborative Playlists’ and ‘Blend’, Jam takes social sharing to new heights.

With Jam, Spotify users can find and add the perfect songs to a shared queue, taking advantage of the platform’s personalisation technology. By analysing listening preferences, Jam delivers music recommendations that align with everyone’s tastes. Premium subscribers can invite others to contribute to the queue, creating a collaborative musical experience for all listeners.

To start a Jam session, users simply need to select a preferred playlist or song and click the ‘Start a Jam’ button. This feature is accessible under the speaker icon within their favourite playlist or song. Once the session begins, anyone in the Jam can add songs to the queue, while the host retains control over who can join, the order of the tracks, and the ability to remove songs.

Jam not only strengthens the connection between friends, but also offers a platform for discovering new music together. By blending personalization and social elements, Spotify continues to innovate in music sharing and community building.

Spotify’s commitment to personalisation is further exemplified by its AI guide DJ, introduced earlier this year. DJ, voiced by Spotify’s head of cultural partnerships, Xavier Jernigan, provides a curated lineup of music based on users’ listening habits. With a DJ, Spotify aims to bridge the gap between artists and fans, offering insightful commentary and historical context around tracks and artists.

Spotify’s Jam and DJ features represent the company’s dedication to creating a dynamic and engaging music streaming experience. By embracing personalisation and community. Spotify solidifies its position as a leading platform for music discovery and connection between friends and artists alike.

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