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The Seeker: The Best Wireless Over-Ear Headphones in 2023

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The Seeker May 2023 wireless over ear headphones

It certainly hasn’t been long enough that when choosing wireless over-ear headphones, people only had Sony and Bose to choose from. Not that they were lacking in features, but your pool of options was short on flavor. The conversation about what’s better basically ended with what product offered the best noise-canceling performance. One year, it was Bose. And then another, it was Sony.

Now, what makes the best headphones is not just beating the competition at offering simulated silence, but also providing nuanced improvements and even some proprietary functionalities. Carrying case, earcup shape and size, headband stiffness, leather quality, and even the accompanying app all get thrown into the debate these days. As consumers, it simply means that if you’re looking for specific features, there’s one that checks the right marks for you.

Nonetheless, there are cans out there that should be top of mind when you’re out shopping for one. Here are what The Beat Asia thinks are the best wireless over-ear headphones in 2023.

Focal Bathys


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Best over-ear headphones 2023 Bathys
Photo from Website/Focal

An actual newcomer to the wireless arena is Focal, but given their standing in the audio community as producer of high-end speakers and wired cans, big brands took notice when they released the Bathys. And for good reason. Solid construction, finely tuned, refined looks, and comfortable, the Focal Bathys scored high in all departments that matter in this segment. For a debut, it’s a smashing effort and for once, there is actually a pretty pair of headphones on the lineup.

AirPods Max


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Best over-ear headphones 2023 Airpods Max
Photo from Website/Apple

For better or worse, the AirPods Max is Apple leaning hard into their ecosystem exclusivity. But, it makes this list simply because the top-end AirPods is an auditory homerun. Apple may not be the first in spatial sound, but there’s no one else that offers the same brilliant implementation as present in the AirPods Max. In addition, with the release of Apple’s own lossless codec, the future of this pair’s sound quality is looking bright. Overall, if you have any Apple device, this is the headphone to buy.

Sony WH-1000XM5


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Best over-ear headphones Sony 1000XM5
Photo from Website/Sony

It’ very, very hard to topple Sony’s hold at the mountaintop of wireless, noise-canceling headphones after years of dominance. It’s even harder knowing that Sony know what they have with the 1000MX line, and they keep getting better each year. The XM5s is more of the same, and while there are some questions on its design and ergonomics, much of why you’ll be convinced to buy this audio giant’s cans are still there. Stellar noise suppression, proprietary Hi-Res audio quality, top-level comfort, and, despite what was said, prettier design, the Sony WH1000XM5 is a win all around. We just wish it had a better name.

Bowers & Wilkins PX8


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best over-ear headphones 2023 px8
Photo from Website Bowers & Wilkins

For quite a long time, Bowers & Wilkins, sometimes B&W, wasn’t able to attract a big enough following for their minimalistic PX series. But, the PX8 is their culminating work. Its price step-up compared to the model that follows it is questionable, but B&W finally got it together with their flagship wireless cans. It still has that leather-dominated look, and they came to the fight with all the tech they could gather. Bar one headphone, the PX8 is a top choice for call quality. And for what it offers elsewhere, if it’s readily available to you, it should be among your to-buy options.

Bose NC700


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Best over-ear headphones 2023 Bose
Photo from Instagram/Bose

Understated but powerful, the Bose NC700 is the headphones to buy for the best voice call quality. They are so far ahead in this department that four years after its release, every other manufacturer is still catching up in terms of voice clarity during calls. Class S in calls and Class A+ everywhere else, time has only made the Bose NC700 better.

Sennheiser Momentum 4


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best over-ear headphones 2023
Photo from Website/Sennheiser

Once upon a time, Sennheiser has a very confusing approach to their noise-cancelling headphones. The PXC and Momentum each offered their respective features, but the Momentum line’s audio quality is touted as one of the best in the market. The powers that be at the German audio company decided that only one stays, and upon Momentum 4’s release, they have made the right decision. They streamlined their approach, and they are all better for it. Cleaner design, sharper noise cancellation, and the same excellent sound quality, the Momentum 4 is a winner.

Price conversions are based on the available price list from the product's official website.

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