Art, Music Proposals for 'hush! 2023 Concerts' Until July 14


Proposals From Artists for 'hush! 2023 Concerts' Open Until July 14

The "hush! 2023 Concerts" is a major event organised by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) to celebrate the arts scene in Macau. It will be held in Macao Peninsula, Hac Sa Beach, and other areas in Coloane.

This year, the "hush! 2023 Concerts" will take place from the end of October to early November, according to a press release by the IC on June 21.

Months ahead of the concerts, the IC called on Macau's bands, musicians, and art curators to participate in the event. The application period for the proposals began on June 26 and will run until July 14.

Local bands will be sectioned into four categories: Hot Wave, Upbeat Power, Summer Chill, and hush! Kids. Art designers and curators, on the other hand, can submit installation proposals. The "Music Workshop" also encourages tutors to organise music workshops for the promotion of pop music in the region.

For more information on the call for proposals, go here.

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