Apartment 1B at The Henry Hotel Manila Restaurant Review

Delish Eats: Apartment 1B, A Delightful Mix of Gourmet and Comfort Food

Restaurant story: Apartment 1B was launched in 2006 by its founder, Chef Marivic Diaz-Lim, with the goal of instilling the comfort of home into a restaurant. Years later, the restaurant has grown into a well-loved food spot by those who love a cozy atmosphere and comforting dishes. Currently, Apartment 1B has branches in Manila, Taguig, and Batangas, serving its loyal customers with exquisite yet familiar fares.

What’s the vibe and venue like: We visited Apartment 1B’s branch at The Henry Hotel in Pasay. Nestled inside the quaint and sophisticated The Henry Hotel, the restaurant perfectly exudes the hotel’s olde and intimate vibe. Inside, there are mahogany-hued wooden chairs and tables, and windows that look like those from traditional Filipino houses. Just a few steps outside, there’s the hotel’s “The Lawn,” where the tasting was held. The venue had a refreshing vibe as it was surrounded by fresh air and greenery. If you’re an old soul wanting a culinary escape, this place would be a great visit

Inside Apartment 1B Restaurant at The Henry Hotel Manila
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How much does it cost: Despite its exquisite menu, Apartment 1B offers moderately priced fares. Their starters go as low as P220, while their mains range from P690 to P2,950. You can also order nibbles for at least P280 or all-day breakfast meals for at least P350.

What is the menu about: Crafted by executive chef Nikko Roa, the menu gives comfort food a gourmet spin with fine ingredients. For the tasting event, Apartment 1B showcased its different flavors, ranging from light bites and filling dishes to sweet desserts and beverages.

What did we order: Mini Baked Samosas, Mushrooms & Arugula Pizzeta, Truffle & Shrooms Pasta, Herb Crusted Snapper, Grilled Mango BBQ Chicken, Braised Beef Shortribs, Apartment 1B Chocolate Cake, and Matcha & White Chocolate Mousse.

Mini Baked Samosa: Kicking off the night are Apartment 1B’s pass-around food items. The Mini Baked Samosa was a perfect starter, introducing the concept of comfort food to our palates. Despite its tiny size, the samosa was packed with creamy and meaty flavors. It was soft yet flaky, making it easy to bite into and relish.

Mushrooms & Arugula Pizzeta at Apartment 1B Manila
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Mushrooms & Arugula Pizzeta: With a crust made of tortilla, this pizzeta was not too heavy, leaving us with enough space to savor the other dishes. It was also easy to cut and bite into, plus it has salty undertones and a hint of herb-y goodness to it. We also loved how chewy and smoky the mushrooms were.

Truffle & Shrooms Pasta at Apartment 1B The Henry Hotel MNL
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Truffle & Shrooms Pasta: This dish was one of our favorites in Apartment 1B’s selection that night. The truffle immediately greeted our taste buds, but what we loved most about it was its creaminess. Sprinkled with bits of meat, this pasta dish had us biting more than intended.

Herb Crusted Snapper at Apartment 1B The Henry Hotel MNL
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Herb Crusted Snapper: Contrary to what we expected, the Herb Crusted Snapper did not have much of a fishy taste, which was a good thing! The crumbs, although loose and breaking apart at times, added texture to the meat. The spicy and peppery hints likewise gave the dish a crazy twist.

Grilled Mango BBQ Chicken: This dish had a great balance of sweet and smoky. The skin was also juicy, probably because of the caramelized mango marinade. We also liked how the chicken was well-cooked, easy to bite into, and not as smoky as one would expect from grilled dishes. There was no fishy taste as well; however, it may have lacked that distinct taste of mango that we were looking for.

Braised Beef Shortribs at Apartment 1B The Henry Hotel
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Braised Beef Shortribs: Another highlight of the night, at least for us, was the Braised Beef Shortribs. We had doubts over the beef’s texture, but thankfully, it was both tender and soft, so we’re able to easily peel off chunks from the meat. In terms of taste, it had a delightful blend of umami, sweetness, and saltiness, reminding us of our beloved Pinoy dish, adobo.

Mushroom Paella at Apartment 1B The Henry Hotel Manila
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Mushroom Paella: Imbued with a dash of curry flavor, the Mushroom Paella was a treat to our palates. Topped with bits of pepper, chewy mushrooms, and other spices, this dish was a complete meal in itself. Eating it together with the dishes mentioned above was truly a wonderful comfort food experience.

Chocolate Cake at Apartment 1B The Henry Hotel Manila
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Apartment 1B Chocolate Cake: There’s no question as to why Apartment 1B is proud of their chocolate cake. Aside from being too pretty to eat, the cake was moist, almost as if it would melt in your mouth. The cake’s layers, from frosting to base, are all distinct yet blend so well together.

Matcha & White Chocolate Mousse at Apartment 1B Manila
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Matcha & White Chocolate Mousse: Matcha is a flavor that’s not for everyone. Thankfully, Apartment 1B achieved a great balance of sweetness and bitterness with its Matcha & White Chocolate Mousse. The mousse was as smooth as a spread. Taste-wise, it was creamy and sweet while still highlighting the distinctive taste of matcha.

What we liked: We loved the restaurant’s timeless and traditional vibe. True to its concept, “comfort” is put to the fore, from the atmosphere to the dishes. We also liked how they gave their own twists to some dishes, like the tortilla-made pizzetas. As sweet-toothed folks, we especially liked the desserts because of their unique yet familiar flavors.

What we didn’t like: If it comes down to personal preferences, we felt like the Herb Crusted Snapper’s coating was loose, making it a bit messy to eat. It was also somehow a shame that the Grilled Mango BBQ Chicken, although sporting a delectable taste, missed that mango-like smack that we expected it to have.

What you should order: Truffle & Shrooms Pasta, Braised Beef Shortribs, Mushroom Paella, Matcha & White Chocolate Mousse, and Apartment 1B Chocolate Cake.

Location: Apartment 1B, 2680 F.B. Harrison St., Pasay City, Metro Manila

Contact details: 0917 574 0398 or email [email protected]

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by Apartment 1B in exchange for a truthful review and no compensation. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.

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