Underrated Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands in the Philippines
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Sustainable and Stylish: Local Clothing Brands to Watch in the Philippines

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The Philippines is home to a dynamic fashion scene that has always put sustainability and local craftsmanship at the forefront. It might be embarrassing to admit, but for years, these have been pushed aside in favor of mainstream brands that often hail from other nations. There was an internalized dislike for our own, thinking that we could never produce anything as good as imported items. That, coupled with consumerism, was a boulder chained to the leg of the Filipino fashion industry.

Fortunately, times are changing. The rise in demand for local fashion is evident along with the increase of environmentally conscious consumers. Old habits like overconsumption are frowned upon and practices like thrifting and upcycling are more popular than ever. With that, several mainstream brands have broken free and are well on their way up the country’s fashion landscape. Prioritizing eco-friendly practices, ethical production, and unique Filipino designs, these brands offer a refreshing alternative to fast fashion. Here are some of the best underrated local and sustainable clothing brands in the Philippines that deserve your attention:

WEARy Studios

At first glance, WEARy Studios exudes a strong sense of grunge and urban grit, a brand fit for edgy kids and avant-garde mavens. But look closer at their pieces, each of which is created from repurposed garments, and you’ll see the meticulous craftsmanship and raw creativity. Existing garments are cut and sewn together, painted, and embellished to create bold new ensembles. Nothing is wasted — not the discarded, not the forgotten. Everything is transformed into art.

The entire brand is a nod to street style’s long-standing reputation for rebellion, unapologetically going against mainstream fashion and consumerism. WEARy Studios is a philosophy that pushes us to think about what we wear, what we don’t, and what we could responsibly do about those. Moreover, their tagline, “WEAR WHO YOU ARE” reflects the significance of self-expression and individuality, especially in a world of ever-changing trends.

WEARy Studios offers their pieces online, both on hand and pre-order via Instagram DM. Watch how they create their pieces on TikTok!

Apara Studio

Apara Studio identifies itself as a “small-batch brand,” emphasizing its commitment to producing limited quantities of high-quality basics. The brand prioritizes the versatility and durability of its clothing, offering timeless staples designed to withstand the test of time. From classic tees to tailored trousers, each piece is carefully crafted to be a foundational element of any wardrobe.

By focusing on essential pieces that remain unmoved by trends, Apara Studio reduces the need for constant shopping and encourages a more sustainable approach to fashion. Their commitment to creating garments that are both stylish and durable reflects a belief in quality over quantity. With a focus on longevity, these closet staples are not just pieces of clothing but investments in a lasting wardrobe.

Shop Apara Studio via their webstore or contact them via Instagram DM for direct orders.

Hello Habi

Looking to make a fashion statement that abides by trends but also by a responsibility to Mother Nature? Say hello to Hello Habi — a brand that hits all the right spots in today’s fashion sphere, including the rise of sustainability. The entire production team is taken good care of, and all of their materials are sourced from local suppliers. A large fraction of their pieces are made from deadstock fabrics and repurposed flour sacks in order to not contribute further to the problem of textile waste.

So if you want to stay on top of the trendsetting game without neglecting your environmental advocacies, turn to Hello Habi! Your closet longs for the feminine touch of their stunning corsets and halter tops which you can dress up or down, depending on your mood. Either way, their pieces are guaranteed to impress!

Shop Hello Habi through their webstore.

Idyllic Summers

How often do you think of where your clothes came from? Do you think about the hands that lovingly crafted what you’re wearing now, each stitch they made, and all the years they spent learning how to do that? The team at Idyllic Summers does, and their brand encourages you to appreciate Filipino craftsmanship and indigenous artistry too.

Idyllic Summers boasts beautiful resort wear created with and by Filipino artisans from indigenous groups, SMEs, NGOs, and the like. A good fraction of their collections are woven by Abra and Iloilo weavers. These partnerships do not only have aesthetic merits, but also keep people employed and preserve cultural heritage. Most local clothes-making practices are often overlooked, reserved for ethnic wear, or excluded from mainstream fashion altogether, and it is a relief to know that we have contemporary brands today that make great efforts to keep them alive.

Shop Idyllic Summers through their webstore.


In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, BAGASÁO emerges as a brand that transcends mere aesthetics, upholding their commitment to creating impeccably crafted pieces through an ethical production chain. Their philosophy rejects the notion of disposable fashion, instead advocating for garments that are cherished more and more as the years go by. This value is reflected in their meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that each of their highly structured pieces is of top-notch quality.

The brand is the epitome of thoughtful fashion and responsible manufacturing, from sourcing materials to facilitating fair labor conditions. BAGASÁO moves quietly, a deliberate effort to not draw attention to themselves, but this brand deserves all the attention they get. And with the outstanding work they have put out, they’ll be receiving so much more.

Shop BAGASÁO through their webstore.

Juliane Joyce

In an industry often criticized for its environmental impact, Juliane Joyce stands as a ray of hope, blending creativity with sustainability. In her fashion school days, Juliane was instilled with the belief that innovation should not come at the planet's expense. “This guidance made me more conscious of how I construct pieces for my brand. I ensure there’s little to no excess fabric and continually think of ways to reuse any surplus materials,” the designer said.

Her latest collection, "Over 2°C," is an artistic statement on environmental awareness. The gradient-hued garments symbolize the escalating global temperatures, conveying a message of environmental urgency. Incorporating her advocacy into her designs and producing aesthetically pleasing pieces serves as a reminder that fashion can be both stunning and sustainable.

Juliane Joyce specializes in bespoke wear and also offers RTW pieces through pop-up shops and limited-time events.


For John Jade Montecalvo, rug-making isn’t just a craft; it’s a way of life. Growing up, rug-making was the cornerstone of his family's livelihood. That greatly influenced how he’s currently creating his signature mark in the local fashion industry. The pieces in each of his collections are made from the same fabric and with the same techniques as rug-making, only he works his innovative designer magic and produces runway-ready couture. They’re wearable, fashionable, and sustainable.

Montecalvo does not just elevate Filipino craftsmanship with his brand — he pans the camera over to the highly talented but often overlooked Filipino craftsmen, all while championing environmentally responsible fashion.

Montecalvo entertains custom requests via Instagram DM.

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