CRK Named as One of the Most Beautiful Airports in the World

Clark Int'l Airport Awarded as One of the World’s Most Beautiful Airports

Another win for the Philippines! Clark International Airport (CRK) has received recognition from the prestigious Prix Versailles as one of the world's most beautiful airports and one of the two representatives from Southeast Asia.

In a social media post, the administration of Clark International Airport said they were truly honored to receive the prestigious award, along with a promise to stay committed to giving their passengers a better travel experience.

Located in the northern part of Luzon, Clark International Airport is among the 24 airports that entered the list of the Prix Versailles Architecture and Design Awards at the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

This prestigious award acknowledges various airports and emphasizes their significant contribution to enhancing and beautifying the environment. Furthermore, it recognizes the exceptional architectural and design qualities of the Laureates, including these airports.

Reopening its doors to travelers in 2022, Clark International Airport boasts an exceptional architectural design, proving that it’s a noteworthy addition to the list of world-class airports.

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