What Makes Jim & Saab Power Parents Amid Challenges
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Podparents Jim & Saab on Parenting, Entrepreneurship, & Building Themselves

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To most, having kids is one of the greatest joys life can give. However, being a parent is not always rainbows and butterflies. The unending struggle of putting your children on the right path, helping them make good decisions, raising them to become good people, and ensuring a bright future for them are just a few of the many hurdles every parent should successfully overcome.

Called “podparents” in the world of podcasting, real-life parents Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona are known for excelling in these aspects. The multi-hyphenate couple is not only doing a great job raising their two beautiful kids, Pancho and Vito, but is also taking on different roles—as podcasters, entrepreneurs, and life coaches. All of these while catering to Pancho’s special needs and fighting their own issues.

In an exclusive interview, The Beat Asia had the chance to unearth what makes Jim and Saab the super parents that they are, despite all the fights they’ve battled and all the fields they conquered. Read on to find out how they do it.

Acknowledging Their Pains

Jim and Saab got married in 2015 and everything was great until their first child, Pancho, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. In a previous interview with journalist Karen Davila, Saab also revealed that this led to her depression and triggered her adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Meanwhile, Jim was also facing his own debacle with social anxiety.

Instead of turning away from these battles, Jim and Saab choose to acknowledge them.

“Discovering our own challenges, such as my social anxiety and Saab’s ADHD, has also helped us become more understanding and supportive of each other, especially in our parenting roles,” said Jim.

According to the couple, accepting what they’re dealing with helped them in more ways than one, leading them to communicate more openly with each other and putting their mental health at the top of their priorities.

“We can’t give from an empty cup, so we focus on ourselves and building ourselves up,” he added.

Turning Things Around

Along with their process of healing came multiple milestones for Jim and Saab. In 2018, the couple launched their podcast, “Wake Up With Jim and Saab.” What started as their own way of spending quality time with each other became a safe space for their listeners, their “podkids.”

From choosing where to eat and relationship advice to career moves and current events, their relatable topics and letter-reading segments make sure their listeners feel heard.

'Wake up With Jim and Saab' Podcast Cover Artwork 2024
Photo by Jim & Saab

“Like we said, you can’t give from an empty cup, and the podcast has been one major resource for building ourselves up. It’s a creative outlet and way for us to connect to our secondary children, the podkids,” the couple notes.

This podcast is only one of Jim and Saab’s many endeavors. With an eye for business and minds filled with creative ideas, they established Linya-Linya, a shirt brand loved by many Filipinos because of its witty prints.

The couple’s work does not stop there. Seeing their kids grow before their very eyes, full of love and joy, Jim and Saab also set out to launch Puddy Rock, an inclusive play space for kids.

“Seeing their journey, understanding each other, becoming friends, [and] arguing is such a privilege for us. That’s why we started Puddy Rock. We want to share this little world of love and inclusivity we’ve built [with] more people.”

Being dedicated parents while managing businesses left and right, how do Jim and Saab balance all these roles?

The answer? Simple (yet intricate)—a lot of scheduling and prioritizing, making sure they leave space for everything they do. “We make sure to set aside time for each aspect of our lives, from our children to our podcast and other business endeavors,” the couple shares.

Giving Back

With all the blessings they’ve been receiving, Jim and Saab also make sure to give back. Having delved into many fields, the couple also offers life coaching sessions, seminars, and workshops to their listeners, imparting their most valuable experiences and knowledge to their podkids, much like what parents do.

During the pandemic, the couple also opened jimandsaab.com, a community composed of their “Podtrons." This community, in cooperation with the Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy Family Awareness Support Group Philippines, raises funds to help children with special needs.

The couple began by sponsoring one child each month. Fast forward to today, the community has grown and now supports three to four kids, dubbed their “heroes,” per month. This initiative, according to the couple, has been their “pride and joy.”

All the couple’s Podtron proceeds go to their beneficiaries, helping support their heroes’ families to sustain their developmental needs.

Jim and Saab With Their Kids, Pancho and Vito, at Puddy Rock
Photo by Instagram/Jim & Saab

Life does not always turn out the way we want it to. But if Jim and Saab taught us anything, it’s that love, in whatever form it manifests, can conquer anything and defy all conditions.

“Wake Up With Jim & Saab” is now with Kroma and available for streaming via Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and TikTok, or become a Podtron by signing up here!

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