5 Filipino Personal Finance Influencers to Follow in 2022
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#MoneyGoals: Five Filipino Personal Finance Influencers to Follow in 2022

Five Filipino Personal Finance Influencers to Follow in 2022

The ubiquity of vlogging has conquered personal finance, an area that is often overlooked especially when the conversation touches on sensitive issues like debt or intimidating topics like budgeting. But if the growing interest in personal finance influencers is any indication, then we can safely assume that Filipinos are now more serious about financial literacy than ever. Motivational speaker Chinkee Tan, for example, has more than 1.8 million subscribers on YouTube, racking up hundreds of thousands of views with videos about how to get rich.

If you are looking for a motivation to achieve your money goals, we handpicked these personal finance influencers whose stories and strategies might help with your journey.

Thea Sy Bautista

A former corporate employee, Thea leveraged her traumatic experience in lending money to create her YouTube channel where she talks about “adulting” predicaments such as renting, budgeting, and insurance. In a recent vlog, Thea shared how she rebooted her finance after a slump in 2017 and achieved her first million a few years later. As a someone who loves to tinker with numbers, Thea gifts her subscribers with spreadsheets (complete with formulas and all that pizzazz) for budgeting, computing one’s net worth, and financial planning.

Nicole Alba

Nicole Alba started her YouTube channel as a 21-year-old with a knack for simplifying complex financial topics into easy-to-digest tips and hacks. She has a series of videos about cryptocurrency that even someone who has the slightest knowledge about digital tokens will surely appreciate and understand. If you like investment-related topics laymanized for you with a hint of Gen Z humor, Nicole’s channel is up your alley.

Charm De Leon (Ready2Adult Ph)

One of the local YouTubers who best exemplifies millennial hustling is Charm De Leon of Ready2Adult PH. Charm currently has 11 streams of income, either in passive or active capacity, as a co-founder of a range of businesses, speaker, entrepreneur, and a content creator. Her topics cover stock market for beginners, saving strategies, crypto 101, and making money out of YouTube.

Randell Tiongson

Those who have been reading up on financial literacy may have already come across Randell Tiongson, one of the recognizable names in personal finance. He brings with him about 30 years of experience in the financial services industry including banking, mutual funds, and insurance. He often collaborates with industry experts like Philstocks’ chairman emeritus Tony Herbosa to talk about investment trends in the Philippines. “Money should be looked at as a resource, not a source. It should not be looked at as something to depend on, but something we can use to achieve an end,” Randell wrote in his blog.

Janice Germano Sabitsana (Pinay Investor)

A former BPO employee, Janice creates tutorial videos about banking, investing, finance, and personal development for her more than 51,000 followers on YouTube. Aside from the usual how-to’s, she shares money hacks and lessons to teach kids about handling finances. She is a great source if you are looking for practical tips such as spending your 13th month pay wisely and practicing the envelope system.

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