Music Releases From Singaporean Artists to Listen This 2022


5 Hottest Music Releases From Singaporean Artists to Listen to This 2022

Singaporean music is made in the same vein as its multicultural influences from neighbouring countries. Most of the songs you can hear in Singapore are inspired by the traditions and stories from China, Malaysia, and India.

Music is one of the things that has helped us keep our sanity over the past two years as the COVID-19 forced us to stay at home. As we move forward to the new normal, new music releases from our favourite Singaporean artists will give us a daily dose of refreshing soundtracks to listen to this 2022.

Here are some of the latest songs from Feng Ze and Lai, Tanya Chua, Boon Hui Lu, Gentle Bones, and Jasmine Sokko.

“Never Good Enough” – Feng Ze ft. Lai

Qiu Fengze – real name Kenny Khoo Feng Ze – is a Singaporean singer-songwriter currently living in Taiwan. In 2019, he rose to fame after guesting on a Taiwanese variety show. In the same year, the Singaporean artist formed a group named "WoLF四坚情" together with members Nine Chen, Wayne Huang, and Xiao Lai, and released the song “Betrayal.”

Last February 2022, Feng Ze and Lai collaborated to release a new single “Never Good Enough.” The dark electronic rock song is about trying to live according to the rules of this world where labelling one another with harsh words is very rampant, regardless of how much you try to fit in society’s standards.

“Lost and Found” – Tanya Chua

Tanya Chua, a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter in Singapore, is known for composing and performing the iconic song “Where I Belong” played every National Day celebration in the Lion City.

In January 2022, Chua released “Lost and Found” and became the emotional theme song for the movie “Love in Years.” The song is about the loneliness of a person who struggles to forget his old love and unwillingness to let go.

“Better Left Unsaid” – Boon Hui Lu

Singaporean singer and songwriter Boon Hui Lu, who recently got engaged with music producer Cheong Waii Hoong, released new music this March 2022. Currently based in Taiwan, Lu sang the official soundtrack of the Taiwanese drama “49 Days With a Merman” entitled “Better Left Unsaid.”

She rose to stardom in 2006 as a child actress after winning the Star Awards for Young Talent in recognition of her performance in the television drama, “Rhapsody in Blue.”

“Can We Have a Conversation” – Gentle Bones

Joel Tan, popularly called Gentle Bones, is a singer-songwriter who is dubbed the Ed Sheeran of Singapore. Gentle Bones started his music career in 2014 after releasing his self-titled debut EP that charted on different platforms including iTunes and Spotify, making him one of the most popular acts in the city-state.

On March 7, the Singaporean singer-songwriter released “Can We Have a Conversation,” which he wrote about a young person who struggled with mental illness. The song serves as a reminder for everyone that it’s okay to ask for help in this kind of battle.

In partnership with MediaCorp Pte Ltd., the song was released to raise literacy and awareness of mental health in the community.

“We Could Be So Electric” – Jasmine Sokko

Known for her extraordinary trademark masks, Jasmine Sokko is a Singaporean singer and songwriter passionate about electronic music. She is also one of the most-streamed Singaporean female singers on Spotify Last Feb. 11, Sokko released a self-produced song entitled “We Could Be So Electric.” 

In an interview with Hear 65, Sokko explained that “We Could Be So Electric” is a love song but not totally the romantic type as it talks about meeting someone special at the right time. She even described her dating life as “nonexistence” and that she’s happy spending time alone.

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