Bangkok Food Markets That You Shouldn’t Miss

Here are the Best Bangkok Food Markets that You Shouldn’t Miss

Thais are passionate foodies as evidenced by the plethora of hawkers scattered all over the country. In Bangkok, locals and tourists flock to food markets to enjoy the city’s authentic culinary expertise. From popular Thai dishes such as green papaya salad and Pad Thai to less-known ones such as boat noodles, the city is teeming with choices to satisfy your hunger. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best food markets in Bangkok for your next foodie crawl.

Chatuchak Market

ChatuChak Market Bangkok

The world-famous Chatuchak Market isn’t just known for its cheap souvenirs and vibrant clothing stalls. You can also find a bevy of food kiosks where you can grab a quick bite after hours of exploring its stalls. Some of the must-haves include grilled squid and fried quail eggs, which you can finish off by gulping a glass of freshly squeezed fruit drink.

The Chatuchak Market used to operate during the weekends only, but the government decided to allow it to open six days a week to enable vendors to recover their lost sales from the pandemic.

Khlong Toey Market

This food market in Bangkok is the epitome of a bustling marketplace with its racks of fresh produce set against a backdrop of screaming stall owners cajoling you to buy their goods. But before you scroll down and skip to the next market, know that Khlong Toey Market is one of the best places in Bangkok where you can find fresh farm produce, raw meat, and seafood at an affordable price. This place has also been featured in various travel shows and was hailed as one of the most authentic markets in Bangkok by CNN in 2010.

Wang Lang Market

Another favorite food market in Bangkok among locals is Wang Lang Market, which is situated close to Siriraj Hospital. You can try its special yellow noodles with roasted duck or pork, as well as popular local desserts such as coconut milky jelly. Of course, a day at Wang Lang Market won’t be complete without having a bite of its grilled specialties. You can find rows of stalls selling various barbeque and grilled dishes when in the area.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
Website/Tourism Thailand

Bangkok’s iconic floating markets have become a tourist attraction because of their ingenuity and deep ties to Thailand’s history. The country used to have vast networks of canals and rivers, along which locals conducted trade and commerce. Hence, Europeans once nicknamed Bangkok as the “Venice of the East,” thanks to its busy water network.

Today, one of the most popular food markets in Bangkok is the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, which is about an hour ride from the Thai capital city. Prior to the pandemic, the bulk of visitors used to arrive from 9 AM onward, so if you’re planning to visit once borders are open, make sure to arrive earlier. You can also join tours so you can see some of Thailand’s remote villages while reveling in some authentic local cuisines.

Sriyan Market

As one of Thailand’s oldest food markets, Sriyan Market hosts stalls that sell ancient Thai delicacies such as the Khao Kriap Wow. This snack is made of palm sugar, eggs, rice flour, and coconut cream. You can also check out some of the mom-and-pop restaurants within the area where you can have a taste of the famous durian ice cream and Thai curry.

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