Why Tourists are Obsessed with Full Moon Party in Thailand


What’s a Full Moon Party in Thailand and Why Tourists are Obsessed with It

Full Moon Party in Thailand is a popular local event that attracts about 30,000 people from all over the world. It usually takes place on the east coast island of Koh Phangan every or after the night of full moon. You can reach the island via a short flight from Bangkok to Koh Samui, followed by a ferry ride to Haad Rin.

The legendary Full Moon Party in Thailand is very popular among travelers who want to experience a different level of madness: exploding music, live DJs, fire shows, dancing, painting, heavy drinking, and a bit of wildness.

History of the Full Moon Party

There are different stories behind this famous Thai celebration.

Many believe that it began in the mid-1980s when a group of tourists had an impromptu party (some even say it was a birthday bash). On the other hand, there are claims that Thai bungalow owners were responsible for the creation of this monthly festival-like party.

What to Expect?

Full Moon parties in Thailand will take place every month throughout 2022, and this month will be happening on April 16th. . There are a bunch of hotel options in Koh Phangan Island open for different kinds of travelers, ranging from luxurious to budget-friendly resorts.

To get the party started, the atmosphere will be illuminated with thousands of lamps courtesy of the visitors themselves. This monthly ritual won’t be complete without jugglers and fire eaters to entertain the crowd until sunrise. There is an entrance fee worth 100 baht (US$3.20) that will be used for cleaning the beach after the party.

Do’s and Don’ts

The Full Moon Party is perfect for those who like partying hard with strangers or meeting new friends. Despite being one of the craziest events in the world, it also has its party line policy. Read on to learn some essential tips.

1. Keep your money in multiple pockets where you feel it’s safe.

2. Bring sunscreen, hats, or any sun protection items to shield you from the afternoon heat.

3. Always book your hotel accommodation in advance to secure a hassle-free vacation.

4. Take water breaks. Aside from liquor or alcohol, drinking water is the most reliable way to remain hydrated throughout the day.

5. Don’t carry your original documents (e.g. visa, passport) to avoid losing or getting them stolen. Bring a xerox copy instead, so you can party without worrying.

6. Wear snickers. Do not party barefoot to avoid stepping on broken glass bottles, in case there's any.

7. Participating in fire jump ropes is risky and highly discouraged.

8. Selling and using party drugs are illegal. There are police officers who regularly patrol within the area.

9. Most people tend to urinate in the ocean, so don't party near the water at the beach.

10. Avoid wearing your favorite party clothes; instead, put on your best swimming attire and prepare yourself to get covered with neon paint.

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