Bangkok Launches First World Kaphrao Championship

Spice Royale: Bangkok Hosts First World Kaphrao Championship

Things are spicing up on the banks of Khlong Phadung Krung Kasem in Bangkok with the upcoming World Kaphrao Grand Prix 2023 taking place this weekend. This three-day event celebrates food culture in one of the premier culinary cities in Asia.

After a month-long competition featuring numerous cook-offs centered around the classic kaphrao, also known as stir-fry holy basil—a traditional Thai dish—participants from various parts of the country will take the stage on the final day of the event for a live cook-off, presenting their own interpretations of the dish under the theme "Authentic And Beyond." These creations will be sampled by top connoisseurs in Thailand.

With the aim of promoting the rich food culture of the country, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is gathering a diverse range of renditions of the Thai dish in one place. Almost 50 restaurants and street vendors will showcase their unique takes on the famous kaphrao.

In addition to the array of kaphrao-inspired dishes, international cuisine from renowned restaurants around Bangkok—including Italian, Mexican, and American dishes infused with Thai holy basil—will be served during the three-day event.

Beside the on-site cooking battle showcasing various kaphrao-inspired dishes, attendees can participate in workshops, explore a fresh market, and enjoy the lush green garden zone, all while listening to a special concert featuring renowned artists, culminating the celebration.

To learn more about the event, visit their website.

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