What You Need to Know About the ‘Sang See Sing’ Festival

Discover the Magic of Sing Buri at the ‘Sang See Sing’ Festival

A city veiled from the tourist's gaze lies just a few hours' drive from Bangkok. Sing Buri, situated far from the bustling capital, holds a significant place in Thailand's history.

Are you seeking a more laid-back tour or a glimpse into Thailand's rich past? Sing Buri should be your destination. It's a must-see city, not only for its historic sites but also for its temples, which hold paramount importance in the country's history.

To entice more travelers to visit this gem of a place, the Tourism Council of Sing Buri, in partnership with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, will host the "Sang See Sing: Let’s Glow Singburi" festival. This event is designed to showcase the city's charm through art installations and other activities.

The must-see installations include the "Crosswalk Art," a semi-permanent street art piece shaped like a crossing that is poised to become a new community landmark; the "Neon Light Art," which illuminates significant symbols of Sing Buri on architectural landmarks; and the three 2-meter-tall lion sculptures called "Jai Jai Sing," representing Sing Buri's identity.

Running for nine days, from Aug. 18-27, the festival features a diverse array of events. Exclusive nighttime tours of the historic Ror Sor 129 Court grounds, a multitude of local delicacies to savor in the streets, folk art performances, and concerts by various artists in a 90s theme park provide ample entertainment.

To know more about the upcoming festival and the different events, go here.

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