You Can Now Send HD Photos in Messenger With the New Update
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Meta Rolls Out New Messenger Update and Here’s What You Need to Know

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Many of us have experienced the frustration of receiving and uploading low-quality photos on the Messenger app despite taking them in high resolution. But here's some good news: last April 10, Meta rolled out several new features, including HD photos and shared albums.

To send crisper and clearer photos in chats, select an image from your camera roll, then turn the HD toggle before hitting the send button. No need to do it one by one, as you can do it for multiple pictures as well.

Messenger Update HD Photos

If you recently took a trip with your friends or just did a little photoshoot with the family, you can now keep them organized when sending them to your group chat. The new update enables you to create shared albums of your best memories.

Messenger Update Shared Albums

To do this, select multiple photos from your chat composer, then tap the “Create Album” button. Another way to create one is to long-press a photo in the chat and tap “Create Album.” In case you missed one, you can add them to an existing album by clicking “Add to Album.” If you want to rename it, you can just tap the three-dot menu on the album and click “Edit Name.” Don’t forget to click confirm to save the changes.

In a few weeks, other users in the chat will be able to view, add, delete, and download photos from the album. You and your friends will also be able to locate any album by tapping on your group chat name and checking the Media tab soon.

Another update coming soon is adding new connections via QR code. Sometimes, searching on the app using just a name can be a hassle, especially if the person you’re looking for has a common name. Soon, you can easily connect with other users by scanning their Messenger QR code or sharing yours via a link.

If you have limited access to apps and can only send documents using Messenger, the next update will let you send files up to 100MB, supporting all major file formats like Word, PDF, and Excel.

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