Hong Kong’s Best Galleries and Art Exhibitions in Oct. 2022
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The Best Galleries and Art Exhibitions in Hong Kong to Check Out This October 2022

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There’s always something to catch sight of and mull over in Hong Kong. Famously fast-paced, with its eclectic mixture of cultural influences, there’s a never-ending rotation of artists from both the local scene as well as from around the world who are here to share their pieces and perspectives. From a group exhibition of threaded textured work that incorporates fabrics and textiles, to static visual time capsules of the city streets and depiction of their livelihood, here are the best gallery showcases and art exhibitions to catch in Hong Kong over October 2022!

‘My Hong Kong, 我城’ – Until Oct. 15

Being such a multifaceted place, Hong Kong is a city that shapeshifts to take on different personal meaning within each person’s eyes. Rounding up 13 local and international photographers amongst the likes of Raymond Cauchetier, James Chung, as well as the current generation’s rising talents, “My Hong Kong” is a showcase of these differing perspectives, told through the lens of photography works taken throughout various ages. Glimpse into scenes of the past, frozen with meaning and matter that might not even longer exist, whilst admiring the Hong Kong that is today’s. Do take note that a prior RSVP is required to attend the exhibition, so click here to register for your visit by directly messaging the gallery.

Location: Boogie Woogie Photography, The Loft Wong Chuk Hang, 8/F, E Wah Factory Building, 56-60 Wong Chuk Hang Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong

‘No Longer Endangered but Vulnerable’ – Until Oct. 22

Returning for his second showcase in Hong Kong, American artist Rob Pruitt presents “No Longer Endangered but Vulnerable,” a study into the antithesis of the modern condition. Using a postmodern approach to a pop-art look, his clear-cut portraiture of the giant panda stares blankly ahead as a loaded symbol of environmental catastrophe and globalised tensions glimmering in its eyes.

Location: Massimo De Carlo, Shop 03 -205&206, Barrack Block Second Floor, Tai Kwun, 10 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong

‘OLD FRIENDS by Willem Hoeffnagel’ - Until Oct. 24

In reverting back to childhood memories, visuals and remembrance often takes an amorphous form that’s difficult to flesh out. Accessing his nostalgia, Dutch artist Willem Hoeffnagel calls upon his “OLD FRIENDS” to dust off past scenes of driving in his family’s stolen Fiat 500cc. Starring an amorphous shape with only eyes and brows but a fixed amicable expression, vignettes from his past are fondly unearthed.

Location: Woaw Gallery Wan Chai, G/F, 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

‘The Thread is Not Straight’ – Until Oct. 29

Woven into the works on show at “The Thread is Not Straight” are artistic narratives in pattern and decoration. Interlinking artists Diedrick Brackens, IV Chan, Marie Hazard, Josie Love Roebuck, and more, textiles and painting are brought together to give a textured visceral look into personal and sociocultural stories that scarcely follow a straight-lined path.

Location: Denny Dimin Gallery, No. 612 Remex Center, 42 Wong Chuck Hang Road, Hong Kong

‘A New Sense of Identity’- Until Oct. 31

This group exhibition features up to seven artists from Southeast Asia including Heri Dono, Manuel Ocampo, Niam Mawornkanong, Yunizar, Oky Rey Montha, Luis Lorenzana, and Manuel Ocamp. All incorporating different artistic styles as well as visions, the works are tied together with a humanistic touch, at once coming to terms with the concept of individualism from positions that are each unique to their own, forging a “New Sense of Identity.”

Location: Tang Contemporary Art, 10/F, H Queen's, 80 Queens Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

‘Witches Own Without’ – Until Nov. 6

Not simply the stuff of fantasies, witchcraft and magic spells are a practice that have been endlessly mythologised and reinterpreted in pop culture and beyond. Even the term “new age” in the depiction of spiritualism that people are quick to mock online or furrow their brows at is contradictory to the age-old traditions that go into the core ideas behind the relevant practices. Inviting visitors to let their senses overtake their logic and typical ways of understanding, “Witches Own Without” (stylised as “W.O.W” to allow people to fill in their own blanks) aims to wow people to dive into internal and emotional ideas in order to make sense of the increasingly confusing world.

Location: Current Plans, 2F, Tak On House, 13 Wong Chuk Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon

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