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Delish Eats: ÓNA, Discovery Bay’s Beachfront Mediterranean Escape

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Restaurant story: The restaurant’s name translating to the Catalan word for ‘wave’, this multicultural concept honours the sun-soaked region that stretches between the Mediterranean coasts all along to the Middle East. Located beside Discovery Bay’s Tai Pak beach, complete with an al fresco dining area, guests step right off the ferry and can imagine themselves transported to the faraway summery locales halfway around the world.

Chef story: Proudly hailing from Morocco, Head Chef El Mehdi Zenasni is a respected name amongst restaurants that share ÓNA’s cuisine, having helmed the kitchen at places like Wan Chai’s Greek restaurant Santorini, and Bushra lounge in Tsim Sha Tsui. Featuring dishes from his homeland as well as lesser-known dishes from the surrounding regions, he brings an authentic touch to the menu.

What’s the vibe and venue like: We were seated in the al fresco area for the dinner session. Adding to the air of a Mediterranean holiday, the tabletops were decorated in brightly coloured mosaics swirling into a pattern of blue skies over beaches, and the area was lined with palm trees all around.

ÓNA Discovery Bay Restaurant interiors private dining area

How much does it cost: The meal amounted to HK$1210 total, split between two diners. We also each ordered a drink, consisting of refreshing mocktails hovering at the HK$58 range.

What is the menu about: Drawing from the cuisines of the ancient empires that shaped the region inspiring the restaurant’s main concept, ÓNA highlights culturally defining, spice laden specialties from each corner of the area. Selections from the in-house Josper charcoal oven also work to match the seaside ambience with freshly grilled seafood items.

What did we order: ONA Salad (HK$158), ONA Mix Meat Platter (HK$588), Grilled Octopus (HK$228), Hummus Shamender (HK$98), Hummus Kawarma (HK$138)

ÓNA Discovery Bay Restaurant salad

ÓNA Salad: Comprised of the Chef’s picks of the fresh vegetables of the day, with avocado, pomegranate seeds, and olives tossed in for flair, the salad comprised a simple yet satisfying counterbalance to the other dishes that kept the palate of the meal well-rounded.

Hummus Shamender ÓNA Discovery Bay Restaurant

Hummus Shamender: Served with fresh baked pita, the charming rosy shade of this hummus comes from beetroot. A controversial ingredient, since its earthy flavour is a deterrent for some and a prized attribute for others, the flavour of this root vegetable wasn’t as pronounced as it’s colouring would lead you to expect it to be.

Hummus kawarma ÓNA Discovery Bay Restaurant

Hummus Kawarma: A luscious twist on a favourite staple, the lamb tenderloin is pan-fried and tops the hummus, allowing its rich juices and oils to drizzle over the creamy spread. The resulting blend is phenomenal, melding together the garlicky undertones of the hummus, sweet piquant taste of paprika, and heartiness of chickpea with the multilayered fragrance of the spiced lamb.

Mix Meat Platter ÓNA Discovery Bay Restaurant

ONA Mix Meat Platter: Using the traditional ‘Meshwi’ method of cooking prevalent in Maghrebi cuisine, the selection consisted of chicken and lamb meat cooked into skewers and kofte. Packing in spices into every bite, the distinct mixt of Mediterranean aromatics are infused into the meat and given an extra boost with smokiness from the grill. While I was partial to the skewered variety, the kofte’s comparatively more tender texture is particularly suited to enjoying with pita bread and mezze dip.

grilled octopus ÓNA Discovery Bay Restaurant

Grilled Octopus: Cooked in sundried tomato and drizzled in the trusted trio of olive oil, lemon juice, and parsley; the octopus was grilled to succulent perfection. It’s ends crisped up delicately, and whilst the robust savouriness from the flames were evenly distributed, the meat remained juicy and not at all dry. It is also accompanied by a caponata which adds an element of freshness and a zesty contrast.

ÓNA Discovery Bay Restaurant indoor dining area

What we liked: The Josper-grilled specialties and cold mezze varieties are exactly where ÓNA shines, making it a prime destination for a beachfront shared feast.

What we didn’t like: Based off the octopus being a standout dish; we would recommend opting for more seafood dishes upon another visit. Based on the portions, it would have been ideal to come with a bigger group, which would also allow for us to try a greater variety of dishes.

What you should order: Hummus Kawarma, Grilled Octopus, ONA Mix Meat Platter

Location: ÓNA, Shop G09, DB Plaza, 1 Discovery Bay Road, Discovery Bay, Lantau

Contact details: +852 3619 0937

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by ÓNA in exchange for a truthful review and no compensation. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.   

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