Top 7 Camping Sites in Hong Kong for Your Next Getaway


Seven Camping Sites in Hong Kong for Your Next Getaway

While Hong Kong is known for its iconic landmarks, towering buildings, prime shopping centres, world-class restaurants, and striking art installations, it also boasts unspoiled gems away from the bustle of the city where people can unwind. If you’re looking for a stress-relieving exploration, a scenic hiking adventure, or just want to get back in touch with nature, you’re bound to fall in love with these camping sites in Hong Kong.

Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

Seven Camping Sites in Hong Kong for Your Next Getaway
Photo by Facebook/Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park

Situated over 11 acres of land on the southwestern tip of Cheung Chau is Saiyuen Camping Adventure Park. This unique campground features six themed accommodations fit for every type of traveller. Thrilling activities such as tree canopy walk, soccer, abseiling, and mountain climbing are also available to try on the site. From comfortable tents to fun programs and breathtaking views of the ocean, Saiyuen Camping Adventure meets almost every camper’s needs.

Location: 香港Cc Lot 12 Cheung Chau Sai Wan Dd

Ham Tin Wan Campsite

Set in the heart of Sai Kung East Country Park is Ham Tin Wan Campsite, a campground offering views of the picture-worthy Sharp Peak. With amenities such as comfy tents, benches, bathrooms, and wind-resistant cooking pits, you’re guaranteed to have a good camping experience. It’s also surrounded by the clear waters of Ham Tin Wan, so if you fancy waking up to the sound of waves, this place deserves a spot on your to-go list.

Location: Ham Tin Wan, Sai Kung East Country Park

Wan Tsai West Campsite

Wan Tsai West Campsite is a spaciously designed campground located in the southwestern peninsula. The campsite boasts facilities for massive groups such as benches, tables, barbecue pits, pavilions, rubbish bins, toilets, and information boards. Guests can also camp by the bonfire while taking in the dazzling views of the stars at night. If you’re in need of an exciting yet tranquil weekend getaway, Wan Tsai West Campsite is the place to be.

Location: Wan Tsai Peninsula West, Sai Kung West Country Park

Pui O Campsite

One of the many hidden gems of Hong Kong is Pui O Campsite. Nestled on the island of Lantau, this charming attraction is equipped with cool facilities like barbecue pits, family-friendly tents, toilets, pavilions, changing rooms, and camp areas. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of Hong Kong, Pui O Campsite is the perfect spot for adventure junkies looking to camp by the beach.

Location: New Territories Outlying Islands District, Bey O

Tin Fu Tsai Campsite

If you’re on the hunt for a place where you can disconnect to connect with your loved ones, go to Tin Fu Tsai Campsite. Formerly a resting point for commuters in the old days, this place is now one of the most frequented campsites in Tai Lam. The site has grilling stations where you can cook steak, barbecue, fish, and more. There’s also a seasonal supply of stream water that is safe to drink after a tiring hike adventure.

Location: Tin Fu Tsai, Tai Lam Country Park

Hok Tau Campsite

If you’re searching for a camping place that has a little bit of everything, then Hok Tau Campsite, situated in the northern part of Shek Au Shan, is your best bet. It has amenities such as barbecue pits, bathrooms, pavilions, tables, and benches. The site also boasts hippie-looking tents that deserve to be in your Instagram feed. The exciting part? You can visit the nearby forest and go on a short hike excursion with your fellow travellers.

Location: Hok Tau, Pat Sin Leng Country Park

Nam Shan Campsite

Located on South Lantau Road is Nam Shan Campsite, a great place to submerge in nature because of its serene ambience. It has facilities like pavilions, cooking areas, camping platforms, bathrooms, benches, and an extensive grassland that can accommodate more than 100 visitors. It’s also home to the largest barbecue area in Lantau, so make sure to bring your family and friends for a fun-filled picnic experience. You can even bring your furry friends if you want.

Location: Nam Shan, Lantau South Country Park

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