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Delish Eats: Uma Nota, BGC’s New Spot for Brazilian and Japanese Cuisine

Uma nota manila interior Photo by Instagram/Uma Nota

Restaurant background: Located in the heart of Bonifacio Global City, Uma Nota had its soft launch on Jan. 20, introducing a delightful mix of Brazilian and Japanese influences to the local scene. Before opening its doors in Manila, Brazilian-Japanese restaurant and bar Uma Nota has been serving the best of both gastronomic worlds in Hong Kong and Paris.

Founded by siblings Laura and Alex Offe, Uma Nota was conceived to pay homage to both Brazilian and Japanese culinary traditions. Their vision was to build a space that not only captures the essence of these two cultures but also commemorates the historical migration of the Japanese to São Paulo’s food scene.

Owners of Uma Nota Manila
Photo by Uma Nota

What’s the vibe and venue like: Designed by Asmaa Said, founder of The Odd Duck Studio, Uma Nota is a haven of coziness with its elegant interior decked out in warm hues and articulated lighting elements that create a seductive vibe. Divided into four spaces, the restaurant offers something that suits whatever mood and occasion.

As you walk in, you'll pass through a charming spiral staircase going down. A striking reclaimed tree suspended on the ceiling as its centerpiece will welcome you as you enter The Living Room. It has plush and sculptural lounge chairs set against its gradient-colored banquette. There is also a raised VIP section and a DJ spot in the center, adding a dash of excitement to the mix.

Uma Nota bar
Photo by Uma Nota

Adjacent to it is The Bar, which is also visually appealing and has a functional private nook for intimate chats or meetings. And when it’s time to amp up the party, the Tropicalia function room with its foldable shutters has the capacity to host up to 24 (seated) or 80 guests (standing). Finally, The Meiji Room is ideal for intimate dinners or events that can accommodate 25-30 (standing) or 12 guests (seated) along a 12-seater dining table.

Uma Nota Main Dining
Photo by Uma Nota

How much does it cost: Uma Nota’s A La Carte menu, which includes seafood, sushi and sashimi, salads, and steaks, starts at P600. For dessert, the diner offers a dessert platter worth P1,500, while solo servings are priced between P550-P750. Craving some refreshing cocktails? Uma Nota’s signature drinks cost between P650-P750.

What’s the menu about: Seafood and Japanese staples are the main offerings at Uma Nota. Its exclusive selections include the WX Tomahawk MS7, Japanese A5 Wagyu striploin, Coxinhas De Frango, and Wagyu No Brioche.

We kicked things off with the Maracuja cocktail, infused with lime, sugar, passionfruit, and cachaca, which is perfect for a chill drink, thanks to its balance of sweet and tangy notes. We also tried the Coco Verde, a dreamy blend of lime, coconut milk, pandan, mint, and cachaca, which is like a dessert in beverage form. Moreover, if you’d rather skip alcohol, both drinks can be ordered sans booze, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Coco Verde
Coco Verde. Photo by Uma Nota

What did we try: Dadinhos de Tapioca (P600), Coxinhas de Frango (P700), Avocado Roll (P450), Salmon Roll (P800), Tataki de Carne de Sol (P950), A4 Kumo-oh Japanese Wagyu Striploin (P8,500), Uma Nota Salad (P450), Abacaxi Churrasco (P600), and Matcha Layered Cake (P650).

Dadinhos de Tapioca: These little bites are made with Brazilian tapioca and cheese dices with sweet chili sauce. It’s like tofu with a little more crunch on the outside and an extra dose of silkiness on the inside with a hint of sweetness. This appetizer is super light and easy on the stomach.

Coxinhas de Frango: Made with Uma Nota’s signature chicken and okra croquettes, this appetizer has a velvety texture like mashed potatoes, and its spicy homemade chili sauce complements the croquettes’ chewy consistency.

Avocado Roll & Salmon Roll: These bite-sized rolls offer a burst of umami flavor. The avocado roll is a mixture of tangy and subtly sweet notes with a creamy texture, plus the crispy cassava adds a unique twist to the roll. The salmon roll, on the other hand, is complemented by the crisp and freshness of the cucumber, mingling with the richness of salty ikura (salmon roe) on each bite.

Avocado Roll Uma Nota
Avocado Roll. Photo by Uma Nota
Coxinhas de Frango
Coxinhas de Frango. Photo by/Uma Nota

Tataki de Carne de Sol: Perfect for those who love salty delights, this masterpiece is made with light-cured beef tenderloin, smoked ponzu, black garlic mayo, and crispy shallots. The saltiness of this dish provides the perfect counterbalance if you’re feeling some flavor overload on your palate.

A4 Kumo-oh Japanese Wagyu Striploin: We requested the steak be cooked to perfection. This is one of the highlights of our dining experience with Uma Nota because the steak is satisfyingly tender and effortlessly chewable which makes every bite more enjoyable.

Uma Nota Salad: Juicy, garden-fresh, and crisp. This mix of nature’s bounty includes mango, avocado, and wasabi ponzu dressing. You can feel and taste the freshness of the vegetables and fruits because of their optimal flavor and texture.

Abacaxi Churrasco: This dessert is a perfect blend of tropical and nutty flavors. It is definitely a new dessert experience with its combination of roasted pineapple, coconut ice cream, almond coconut crumble, and Japanese whisky caramel sauce. The caramel sauce’s subtle yet complex flavor adds depth and sophistication to its overall taste.

Matcha Layered Cake: This is our personal favorite because of the unique experience as the staff torched it out right in front of us to reveal the Hokkaido milk ice cream enveloped by the pink cotton candy cloud. This dessert is aesthetically pleasing, and what sets it apart is its light and not overpoweringly sweet taste.

Matcha Layered Cake
Matcha Layered Cake. Photo by Uma Nota
Matcha Layered Cake
Photo by Uma Nota

What we liked: The Coxinhas de Frango, A4 Kumo-oh Japanese Wagyu Striploin, and Matcha Layered Cake emerged as our top three favorites. These three dishes truly elevated our dining experience to new heights.

What we didn’t like: Although Dadinhos de Tapioca is bursting with flavors, the combination did not align with our palate preferences.

Location: Uma Nota, Shangri-La The Fort 30th Street corner 5th Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila

Contact details: [email protected] or 09173072766 (for Globe users or via WhatsApp) and 0908899292766 (for Smart users)

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by Uma Nota in exchange for a truthful review and no compensation. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.

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