‘Little Baguio of Rizal’: How to Go and What to Do There
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We Found the ‘Little Baguio of Rizal’; Here’s How to Go and What to Do There

If not Tagaytay, Manileños often flock to Baguio to get a break from the metro’s unruly summer heat while savoring that city-meets-province vibe. It’s no wonder that many versions of this sweet haven have cropped up all over the country, often bearing the moniker “Little Baguio.” The latest addition to this is Sapinit Road, a secret spot just outside Manila that visitors say is the closest we can get to a taste of the summer capital.

‘Little Baguio of Rizal’

Sapinit Road Little Baguio of Antipolo
Photo by Facebook/Ning Mojica

Aptly nicknamed “Little Baguio of Rizal,” this landmark is tucked away in Antipolo and is easily recognizable by the tall pine trees lining up the road. The guarded lot is a private property but it has been open to the public since the pandemic to accommodate visitors from Metro Manila and nearby provinces who are craving for green and open spaces after months of being cooped up at home. As of writing, Little Baguio of Rizal is free of charge and has no travel requirements.

What to Do

There are three things that Sapinit Road has to offer: a refreshing view of greens, a quiet space, and a chance to break the monotony of your life in the metro. Since it was not exactly developed to accommodate tourists, there are limited things to do here and most of them are done DIY-style. You can find a spot under the shade of trees, lay your mat, and have a picnic with your family. You can also jog, bike, or do what everyone else does: pose for the ‘gram with the evergreens in the background.

Sapinit Road Little Baguio of Antipolo
Photo by Facebook/Ning Mojica

The good thing about Sapinit Road is that kids and seniors are allowed, a rare privilege especially if you’re in Metro Manila. Walking until the end of the road is ideal if you come in early in the morning, but if you get tired mid-way, you can hail one of the passing tricycles and turn back. If you’re in for a breath of fresh air but don’t have time to prep your picnic haul, there are rows of restaurants before Sapinit Road where you can grab a quick bite.

We recommend going early in the day, between 7 AM and 8 AM, to enjoy the cool breeze as it does get hot and humid around midday until late in the afternoon. We also encourage you to visit during weekdays as this once little-known spot is now drawing interest among several parenting groups online so the chance of getting part of the crowd during weekend is quite high.

How to Go to Sapinit Road from Metro Manila

If you’re traveling by car, just enter “Sapinit Road, Antipolo” as your pin on Waze. The ride is approximately one hour from Metro Manila. There are also plenty of open spaces here so no need to worry about parking.

If you’re commuting, ride a jeep going to Cogeo Gate 2 and alight at the terminal. Then, go to Puregold Extra and ride another jeep bound for Boso Boso. From there, hail a tricycle and get off at Sitio Sapinit.

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