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Filipino Parent Influencers: Family on the Social Media Forefront

In many ways, parents were bound to use social media for parent-y stuff. It’s well documented that in parenting, being able to connect with other people about the ups and downs of family life is a respite from the nonstop demands of the household. We need not go far for an example of familial stress. This pandemic has been an ongoing experiment on how long mothers and fathers can hold up with their whole family being there all the time.

But, it’s also hard to deny that having a close-knit family is paramount to kids growing up to be decent human beings. Plus, it’s just plain nice to have a family you can count on, values you, and will always be there for you no matter what happens. This is the pillar upon family influencers in the Philippines created their brands, and in a country such as ours, their rise is hardly a surprise.

Digital Family, Real-Life Anchor

If you don’t envy Cheska Garcia Kramer and her family just a little bit, you’re…fine. Everyone is entitled to their own feelings or indifference! But, imagine her posting everything she does without a family. It seems a little sad to have all that—the house, the dogs, and all the material things without a family. The whole family being there makes their life quite nice.

No amount of luxury in the world can replace something like this: a mother having her daughter’s back in a swim meet.

Candy Pangilinan is another family influencer. She was an actress back in the day, but since becoming a mom-fluencer, you could say that she’s even more famous now than she ever was during her acting days. More importantly, though, she has been a staunch advocate of autism awareness due to her son being on the spectrum. We may never really know the harder part of their struggles, though it’s definitely not an easy life to live. But, if Candy and her son Quentin have proved, it’s worth to fight for a normal life.

Then, there’s Drew Arellano and his particularly active family life. If his social media posts have proved anything, it’s that you can remain active even if your calendar is brimming with family activities. It helps that his wife, former VJ-turned-newscaster Iya Villania, is into the same things, too. Although, one has to ask how deep his tank is to be a full-time father and still find time to do marathons.

Major Family-Based Clout

To say that these family-based influencers get clout is a major understatement. They are essentially reality stars without being tied to any contract, network, or brand. They are their own brand. And with millions of followers, branded posts, and sponsorships coming out of the wazoo, it pays to be your own boss.

Still, whether you think this is a business or not, being able to achieve all that with your family while guiding them, we don’t know anyone who wouldn’t choose to do that.

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