Sleep Better With These Duvet Sets For the Whole Family


Sleep Better With These Duvet Sets Perfect for the Whole Family

Duvets are commonly mistaken for comforters because they are both cozy and filled with fluffy fibers. The main difference between duvets and comforters, though, is that a duvet needs a cover like a pillowcase to keep it clean at all times.

Duvet covers allow you to spruce up your bedding as you can experiment with different styles and colors. The fact that it is not as bulky as comforters makes it simpler to wash and only the duvet covers need frequent washing every two to four weeks.

Because healthy sleep matters, we’ve listed where to shop for some of the best duvet sets that’ll suit your sleep needs.

Dijon Duvet Set

This duvet set from The Lounge Edit is a great fit for small families with at least two people with small children and a room for a sizable pet. It can cover a king-size bed and comes with a duvet cover, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases.

If you prefer neutral colors, the Dijon duvet set in gray is a perfect choice for you as it manifests a very soothing and peaceful shade which is also ideal for achieving a relaxing bedroom environment.

Shop this duvet set at Zalora for P7,495

Anti-Bacterial Duvet Lightweight Twin

Do nighttime allergies and asthma run in your family? Are you tired of looking for a hypo-allergenic fiber-filled duvet? You might want to consider this anti-dust and anti-bacterial lightweight duvet from Gourdos made of cotton blend fabric and air-permeable filling.

This lightweight duvet is certified by Healthguard, considered as the world leader in anti-microbial treatment solutions. It was also tested by the International Oeko-Tex Association - Confidence on Textiles for potentially harmful substances.

If you fancy white bedding, this anti-bacterial duvet will fill your room with a calming and relaxing atmosphere, allowing you to get a better night's rest.

Shop this anti-bacterial duvet at Zalora for P2,650

Little Tots PH Duvet and Pillow Filler Set

Made from 100% cotton fabric and polyester fabric filling, this duvet and pillow filler set from Little Tots is designed for toddlers. The materials used contain the right amount of firmness to support the child’s neck and are not too soft to avoid their neck from being scrunched against the shoulder.

Parents or guardians are advised to wash the entire toddler pillow or pillowcase using a gentle machine with cold water and tumble dry in low heat.

Shop this toddler duvet set at Edamama for P995.

Neatens Manila Plain Bedding Sets

Neatens Manila is a retail store located in Sampaloc, Manila, known for its warm and comfortable duvet sets perfect for the #bedweather.

Its products are made from US cotton with a 500-thread count, making each bedding set smooth, cozy, and relaxing. Its 5-in-1 plain bedding set comes complete with a white duvet filler, duvet cover with zipper, fitted sheet (gartered), and two pillowcases in envelope style.

The shop also offers various designs including checkered, striped, two tones, zigzag, and plain. Price ranges from P1,165 to P1,535.

Shop Neatens Manila

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