Thai Actor Dew Jirawat Lights up His Own Path to Stardom
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A Shining North Star, Dew Jirawat Is Sketching His Own Name in the Industry

A Shining North Star Dew Jirawat Is Sketching His Own Name in the Industry Photo by The Beat Asia

Sporting a heart-melting smile, Thai actor Dew Jirawat graced Manila with his charm during his solo fan meet last Saturday, Oct. 14. Held at SM Aura Premier’s Samsung Hall, the event has once again given Filipino fans a chance to experience an intimate and memorable night with the star.

Before fans filled the venue with heart-thumping screams, The Beat Asia had the chance to have a quick chat with the Thai actor to talk about his career and his feelings about visiting Manila again. A charismatic guy who knows how to bring himself was the first impression that we could decipher upon seeing him go up on stage to do the interview.

Dew Jirawat Exclusive 1
Photo by The Beat Asia

Contrary to his intimidating height, Dew is surprisingly soft-spoken and attentive throughout the quick chat. He maintains eye contact with us and his translator, ensuring that everyone is included in the conversation.

With millions of followers on his social media accounts and different series and projects under his belt, Dew shares his sentiments with us as an actor and performer and his heartfelt gratitude towards his fans.

Making His Own Name in the Industry

Jirawat Sutivanichsak, also known as Dew, made his acting debut in 2021 under GMMTV, where he played one of the lead roles in “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers” as “Ren.” He immediately gained attention with his acting skills, bringing in the “second male lead syndrome” not only in Thailand but also in different parts of the world.

When asked about his thoughts on portraying the role, Dew reveals that he found a strong connection between his real personality and that of his character, Ren. This similarity made him instantly fond of the role, as it marked his debut acting project and held special significance for him.

Dew Jirawat Exclusive 2
Photo by The Beat Asia

Along with the other F4 Thailand lead actors (Bright, Win, and Nani), Dew has previously visited the country, marking their big impact as the new generation of the classic TV series.

Three years into his acting career, he’s already on an Asian tour to meet his fans, with Manila being his second stop. Dew opened up about the whirlwind of emotions he's experiencing with a mix of excitement, pressure, and nervousness, as he wants to showcase not only his acting persona but also his ability as a performer to offer a new and fresh side of him to his fans.

Dew Jirawat’s North Star

Talking about his singing career, Dew released his first single, “In the Wind,” as part of the “F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers” official soundtrack, where he also participated in a couple more songs for the series along with Bright, Win, and Nani.

Even before stepping into the world of acting, Dew was an avid proponent of expressing his emotions through art, particularly drawing. His latest single, “North Star,” reflects his dedication and yearning for this cherished pastime, channeling his feelings into his music. This song is a profound expression of his affection for the hobby that shines as brightly in his life as the North Star.

Fans as His Driving Force

“No words” was Dew’s exact answer when asked about his feelings of finally coming back to Manila for a solo fan meet. Smiling from ear-to-ear, Dew’s excitement bounces off throughout the venue as he talks about giving a performance that will entertain his fans.

Dew Jirawat Exclusive 3
Photo by The Beat Asia

“Love, support, and energy” are the words that simply describe his Filipino fans. With the warm presence of his Filipino fans, Dew surely gets a lot of energy from them, to which he quickly responds with a genuine agreement, concluding our brief interaction on a positive note and leaving us with newfound admiration for him.

Follow Dew Jirawat on Instagram, Spotify, and X (formerly Twitter). Special thanks to Makeitlive and Fan Connection SEA.

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