Minzy’s ‘Glee’ Tour in PH Leaves Filo POS on Cloud Nine

Minzy’s First PH Concert as Solo Artist Leaves Filipino POS on Cloud Nine

Nearly seven years after the sudden disbandment of K-Pop superstar girl group 2NE1, former member and main dancer Minzy finds herself in the Philippines once again, taking the stage of New Frontier Theater as a solo artist. Her long-awaited return to the country last Sunday, June 4, filled the lively streets of Cubao with enthusiastic fans – both POS and Blackjacks – clad in sparkly dresses, illuminating headbands, and all-black outfits similar to the 29-year-old star’s signature style.

Minzy Glee Tour Manila
Minzy Glee Tour Manila

As the crowd lined up outside the venue, excitement began to arise when drag queen Edsa Xxtra surprised the media and K-Pop stans with entrancing lip-sync numbers to Minzy’s music. It was so entertaining that it felt like watching the opening act of a concert, even if it was intended to pass the time before the real show starts.

Minzy Glee Tour Manila

Rife with eye-catching props, disco-like lighting, and speakers with crisp audio quality, the “Glee” tour kicked off with a mashup performance of 2NE1’s “Crush” and Minzy’s solo hit “Ninano.” The first track left the concertgoers with a surge of nostalgia, while the latter showcased the Seoul-born act’s transformation from girl-next-door to a feisty and mature performer.

Minzy Glee Tour Manila

Minzy’s head-turning opening number was followed by a groovy, Latin pop-inspired performance of “Fantabulous,” accompanied by talented backup dancers and a futuristic, “The Matrix” movie-esque multimedia display.

Spotlighting her standout quality as an artist, she delivered an energy-charged dance cover of Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé’s “Savage (Remix).” The concert instantly turned into a disco party, leaving the audience jumping on their feet, not minding the shakiness and blurriness of the videos being recorded on their smartphones.

Glee Tour Manila Minzy

Likely influenced by Sandara Park’s positive remarks about the Philippines, Minzy embraced her deep affection for the country by singing a Tagalog version of her 2020 single “Lovely.” Loud cheers filled the theater, with the audience dramatically singing the lyrics, “’Wag na mangamba / ‘Wag na masaktan / Tandaang lovely you are.” (Don’t get sad / Don’t get hurt / Know how lovely you are.)

Manila Minzy Glee Tour Fans

Treating die-hard Filo Blackjacks with more than just a taste of 2NE1’s music, she performed a generous selection of the group’s biggest hits, including the electro house anthem “I am the Best,” the bouncy “I Don’t Care,” the melodramatic “Lonely,” and the roller coaster ride that is “Come Back Home.”

At the tail end of the show, Filo POS and Blackjacks presented Minzy with a heartfelt surprise: a video montage highlighting her standout moments throughout her career. The K-Pop star wept as she watched the footage on the big screen and expressed her gratitude by saying, “Manila is like a second home to me. You guys are my family. I will come back with new music and [a] better me!”

Minzy Glee Tour Manila

Moved by Minzy’s reaction, several fans departed the venue with teary eyes paired with big, broad smiles – a perfect encapsulation of the emotional impact of watching the show.

Spanning a duration of two hours, the concert highlighted Minzy’s colorful 14-year music career through stunning visuals, infectious song numbers, and electric dance sequences, proving she is here to stay, and 2NE1’s music and legacy will live on forever.

Minzy’s “Glee” tour was made possible by Neuwave Events & Productions.

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