Good Times Roll! Here's How to Prepare for Festival Season
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It’s Festival Season! Here’s How to Prepare for Your Next One

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From Thailand's Fansland Web3.0 Music Festival, or Indonesia’s We the Fest to Summer Sonic in Japan, the upcoming months are filled with exciting parties and music festivals. For those in the know, these events are ones to look out for, with star-studded lineups and great music to boot.

Of course, big events like this are planned months in advance and are best enjoyed with preparation, especially for those traveling for that specific purpose. Here are a few tips to ensure you make the best of your time, wherever you are and whoever you’re listening to.

Decide which festivals you will be attending

Festival regulars know that when it comes to music, the hype is real. Major events are planned months in advance, so you can check your calendar as early as today and decide which ones you’ll be going to this year. In doing so, you’re most likely to be saving quite a bit; purchasing early bird tickets and hotel or transportation bookings are bound to be a lot more affordable the further it is from the day of your event.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated to make the best of your time

Weather is unpredictable in different countries, and attending festivals in the tropics is bound to get humid or a little bit muggy. Make sure you stay hydrated with plenty of water or emergency electrolyte powders.

Keep your skin fresh and hydrated and consider packing a facial mist or cooling spray. Products like these are particularly popular in Thailand, where the humid weather often wreaks havoc on one’s mood and skin. Trust us, these will leave you feeling so refreshed that you’ll be happy to dance all day and night long.

Invest in earplugs

A lot of people don’t realize how important it is to protect your ears. If you’re an avid music fan and have yet to invest in earplugs, consider doing so now. Tiny devices like these will help reduce the risk of tinnitus and temporary hearing loss, both of which can be symptoms of hearing damage.

Brands like Loop are famous for their specially made earplugs which are designed for loud events such as concerts or sports games. These ensure that you protect your ears without minimizing the experience of listening to your favorite artists live.

Plan your wardrobe

Perhaps the most enjoyable part of any event is planning the wardrobe that you’ll be bringing along with you. Of course, it’s not enough to pack a cute outfit – consider the activities, weather, and weight or baggage restrictions that may come along with your trip.

Lightweight clothes made from breathable fabrics are your best bet; you can even consider wearing a swimsuit or two for easy mobility and less worry about sweat or rain drenching your clothes.

Comfortable shoes are a must too, especially if concert grounds will be held outdoors!

Choose the right bag
Hands-free bags will likely be more convenient

Nothing is more annoying than dancing around with a shoulder bag or tote. When attending a festival, we suggest opting for hands-free options such as backpacks or fanny packs. This leaves your arms free to dance around or hold items with – and won’t make it awkward to dance or jump around in.

Overpack if you must

Bring essentials such as medicine and sunscreen

Don’t be afraid to be the “mom friend.” After all, it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Pack sunscreen, snacks, emergency medicines, and extra bottles of water. But of course, make sure to check the website of the festival you’re attending to be sure you aren’t bringing any prohibited items that might get confiscated.

Listen to the lineup

Make the best out of your experience by listening to the artists who’ll be performing beforehand. We know everyone’s usually there for the headliners, but the newer artists are just as talented to get stage time, right? Check out their Spotify, Soundcloud, or YouTube pages and have a listen. You never know, you may just discover your next favorite artist – and get a chance to listen to them live too!

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