New Movies, Series to Stream in Asia This November 2023


New Series, Movies in Nov. 2023: Netflix, Disney+, HBO Go, Amazon

With Christmas around the corner, our favourite streaming services are gearing up with brand new series and originals to cozy up to once the temperature drops. Grab a hot drink and wrap up in a warm blanket for this months new releases from Netflix, HBO Go, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime this November!

What to Watch on Netflix – November 2023

‘All the Light We Cannot See’

An adaptation of Anthony Doerr's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name, "All the Light We Cannot See" will see you immerse yourself in a world besieged by the chaos of World War II. This limited series stars Aria Mia Loberti as Marie-Laure, a courageous and resilient blind French girl, alongside Mark Ruffalo, who portrays Werner, a conflicted German soldier. Set against the backdrop of occupied France, the four-part series weaves together their parallel journeys and offers a poignant exploration of the human spirit amidst the ravages of war.

When: Nov. 2

‘Selling Sunset’ (Season 7)

Your fave real estate agents are back in Season 7 of “Selling Sunset,” where viewers are absorbed in the high-stakes world of the Oppenheim Group. Against the backdrop of a tumultuous housing market, the talented brokers are confronted with sizzling office politics that threaten to ignite at any moment. As tensions rise and allegiances shift, friendships within the group face unprecedented challenges. The agents must strategise and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the real estate industry while striving to secure jaw-dropping new listings. Enjoy all 11 episodes in this brand new season!

When: Nov. 3

‘The Crown’ (Season 6)

The first half of the two-part final season of ‘The Crown’ focuses on the premiership of Tony Blair, the tragic death of Princess Diana, and the subsequent impact on the British monarchy. The series will also bring to light the passing of Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother, the early stages of Prince William and Kate Middleton's relationship, and the controversial wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The second half, with six remaining episodes, will be released on Dec. 14.

When: Nov. 16

What to Watch on Disney – November 2023

'The Santa Clauses' (Season 2)

Season 2 of ‘The Santa Clauses’ sets the mood for the holidays, with Tim Allen reprising his role as Scott Calvin (Santa) after the events of “The Santa Clause” films. The end of the first season saw Scott’s failure to find a successor to carry on the ‘Santa’ title, but this time around he is adamant to train his son Cal to take on the family name. However, a new “Mad Santa” played by Eric Stonestreet bursts on to the scene claiming his ‘rightful’ claim to the Santa name, causing the Clauses to defend their home in the North Pole.

When: Nov. 8

'The Three Detectives'

Three besties Kim, Marie, and Franzi have what most girls can only dream of: their very own detective club. While juggling their everyday lives as teenagers, the three friends solve puzzling cases that cover a range of crimes – from fraud, extortion, theft, issues with their parents, cyber modding, and more. Between stubborn Kim, sporty Franzi, and the Marie – there’s nothing that these girls can’t solve.

When: Nov. 1

'The Naughty Nine'

This Disney Original’s interesting take on Santa’s annual gift-giving follows nine kids, all of whom feel unfairly maligned for having wound up on Santa’s naughty list. Led by mischievous fifth grader Andy, the naughty listers plan an elaborate heist on Santa’s Village at the North Pole to take back the presents they feel they deserve.

When: Nov. 23

What to Watch on Amazon Prime – November 2023

'BTS: Yet To Come'

The highly anticipated concert film, “BTS: Yet To Come," is set to follow the global phenomenon during the group’s 2022 October convert in Busan, South Korea. Immersing fans in a captivating blend of sight and sounds, the concert film promises an authentic concert experience, alongside a series of heartfelt speeches from each band member.

When: Nov. 9

'007: Road To A Million'

Nine pairs of contestants embark on a thrilling quest following in the footsteps of British secret agent 007, to win a life-changing £1 million prize. Their journey entails a series of Bond-inspired challenges that span the globe, accompanied by ten though-provoking questions devised by the ingenious Controller (actor Brian Cox). The series showcases locations reminiscent of 007’siconic travels, from the captivating Scottish highlands and remote Atacama desert in Chile.

When: Nov. 10

'Invincible' (Season 2)

Picking up after the first season's bloody finale, the second season of 'Invincible' will see Mark doing more tasks for government agent Cecil Stedman, as well as helping Earth arm themselves against his own race of Viltrumites. Mark still battles with the truth of who his father truly is, sowing the seeds for self-doubt as to where he will side in the inevitable invasion.

When: Nov. 3

What to Watch on HBO Go – November 2023

‘The Nun II’

In "The Nun II," Sister Irene returns five years after the horrifying events of the first film. Struggling nun Debra becomes her new friend as she questions her faith. However, their bond is soon tested when the Vatican mandates Irene to perform another miraculous act. The malevolent entity Valak, previously believed to be destroyed, resurfaces and unleashes terror upon religious figures throughout Europe. As priests fall victim to horrifying demonic murders, Irene and Debra embark on a mission to a French boarding school. Their objective is to uncover Valak's motives and find a way to banish her back to the depths of hell.

When: Nov. 1

‘Shooting Stars’

"Shooting Stars" chronicles the remarkable high school sports journey of basketball icon LeBron James, offering an intimate portrayal of his rise to fame. Witnessing the origin story of a basketball superhero, viewers will delve into the compelling narrative of how LeBron and his childhood friends transformed themselves into the top-ranked high school team in the nation. It narrates the trajectory of James' career, from becoming a four-time NBA Champion to a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist, ultimately solidifying his status as a hoop legend.

When: Nov. 25

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