The Beat Asia’s Guide to HBO Exclusives for March 2023
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What's On HBO? New TV Shows and Movies for March 2023

HBO Roundup March 2023

HBO is not one to be rushed. The network will plot a release for their shows on their own time of their own volitions. It’s the only reason, we think, why they left their February release lineup empty. But, seeing the shows that are either coming back or premiering this March, we understand now and won’t question the powers in charge of the prestige streamer.

Be prepared for some era-defining drama to come back, as well as some new and intriguing shows to keep you glued to your couch.

‘Rain Dogs,’ TV Series | March 6

“Rain Dogs” is HBO’s stab at the family drama. British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) winner Daisy May Cooper plays Costello Jones, the single mom at the centre of the story. She hustles to survive and provide for her daughter, but everyone she aligns herself with just adds more chaos to her already scrappy life. Seeing as she needs to put a roof and food on the table for her daughter, we’re bound to see how someone manages such a life while having a family.

Cooper also played Sarah/Zarah in another HBO comedy, “Avenue 5.”

‘Perry Mason,’ TV Series | | March 6

After three long years, “Perry Mason” is back for its second season. A show that’s as faithful to its 1930s setting as it is in portraying the dirty part of detective work, “Perry Mason” will be involved in the trial of the century for its latest run. This is one of HBO’s must-watch shows if you’re looking for a genuinely good murder mystery tale.

If you’re not going to watch this because of Emmy-award winning Matthew Rhys or how far a detective would go to solve a crime, then watch it because of how good the show is at imitating life in the early 1900s.

‘Succession,’ TV Series | March 26

Logan Roy, as terrifying as that thought may be, is back. “Succession” will resume (and sadly, end) its tale of uber-rich people doing uber-rich things. This award-laden show has been the darling of the television drama world ever since its premiere, and not just because of the morally grey (and honestly, bankrupt) ways its characters use to achieve things. The story of the Roy family is the most absorbing tale on television today — a true must-watch show in every sense.

‘White House Plumbers,’ TV Series | March 2023

If you’ve heard of the word “Watergate” but never really got where it came from, this is your chance to take a glimpse at the infamous incident. This is the tale of former United States President Richard Nixon’s quest to win the elections, and the two men on his payroll who bungled the very same effort they were attempting to push to completion.

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