Must-Try Street Food Delights at Jodd Fairs Night Market
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Street Food Delights You Can’t Miss at Jodd Fairs Night Market

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Night markets are always a joy to visit, whether you want to eat, shop, or just bond with friends. These lively venues appeal to different interests and have become go-to destinations for locals and foreign visitors alike.

In Bangkok, one of the night markets that has become popular is Jodd Fairs Night Market. With over 700 stalls offering food, clothes, shoes, and a variety of items, it has become a crowd favourite. Open from 4 PM until 12 MN, Jodd Fairs Night Market has been a part of tourists’ itineraries and a place where locals go to unwind after a long day.

According to its official Instagram account, the night market is open in three venues: Dan Neramit, Central Rama 9, and Ratchada – allowing visitors to pick the nearest one to them.

If you’re visiting for the food, then you’re in the right place! At Jodd Fairs Market, you can find a variety of street food options – from Thai delicacies to international flavours you can sample while walking. Suffice to say, there’s a plate or a snack on a stick that can satisfy every craving.

Discover some of the must-try street food at Jodd Fairs Night Market below:

Japanese Street Food

Kickstart your casual gastronomic adventure with Okonomiyaki with Fried Egg, a savoury Japanese pancake with cabbage and meat, topped with a sunny-side-up egg. You can pair it with a hefty serving of Giant Octopus Takoyaki for a filling meal. When we say giant, you get four pieces bigger than the usual Takoyaki and each ball is filled with tender chunks of octopus which means you get your money’s worth with every bite.

Love sushi? Different kinds of sushi are also available, with some priced between THB10 to THB20.

Korean Picks

Get yourself some Spicy Korean Tteokbokki, a Korean dish made of rice cakes covered in spicy sauce. Another Korean snack you should try is the Grilled Halloumi Cheese and Tteok, a salty and savoury surprise made from goat’s and sheep’s milk and Korean rice cakes.

Grilled Meat and Skewers

When visiting night markets, some prefer to eat while exploring the different stalls and what they have on sale. If you want to walk around while eating, Grilled Beef/Pork/Chicken Skewers are your best bets. These are grilled upon ordering so you can expect to relish a tender bite as you wander around.

Pancakes Galore

Pancake lovers will enjoy trying the Thai Coconut Pancake in flower-like shapes or the bigger Coconut Pandan Pancake. Cartoon Pancakes are available in different characters like Minions, Pokemons, and Sailor Moon. As an extra treat, it’s fun to watch the stall owners create magic using the pancake mix so make sure to stick around for the performance.

Exotic and Local Delicacies

Ready to sit down and enjoy a feast? Some of the must-try street food at Jodd Fairs include Thai delicacies such as Octopus Crackers and Deep-Fried Insects. The latter is something many tourists look forward to as it offers an unforgettable culinary experience. Some of the crunchy critters you can sample at the night market include beetles, silkworms, and crickets.

If you’re on the lookout for alternatives to Pad Thai and Tom Yum, you can order the famous Leng Saeb/Saep or pork neck bones soup. It’s considered one of the most popular dishes available at Jodd Fairs, known for its spicy yet filling broth and served with pork spine and garnishes like fresh herbs and chilies.

You can also get yourself a serving of Dancing Shrimp Salad made of herbs, lime, fish sauce, and live freshwater shrimp. When you order, the server will catch the shrimp from an aquarium and add it to the plastic cup with the rest of the ingredients.

Classic Favorites

At Jodd Fairs, you can order different kinds of Thai roti according to your liking. It’s available with cheese and chocolate drizzle on top or you can be adventurous and try the Roti with Egg, Banana, and Nutella Topping combo for less than THB100.

Thai Sausage, Mango or Coconut with Sticky Rice, Coconut Ice Cream, and Thai Tea Smoothies are also available in different stalls.

Delightful Desserts

Aside from Coconut Ice Cream and smoothies, you can also find stalls selling sugar-coated strawberries on sticks, Chocolate Mochi, Mochi with Salted Egg, and an icy Thai dessert featuring a mix of ingredients with syrup and shaved ice served in a cup. Looking for something milky and filling? New Zealand Milk Toast is sold in one of the stalls, a creamy delight you surely can’t miss.

Visit Jodd Fairs Night Market at these locations: Phahonyothin Road, Chom Phon, Chatuchak, Bangkok or Rama IX Rd, Huai Khwang, Bangkok

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