New T-pop Girl Group Alert! Meet bXd’s Charming Members

New T-pop Girl Group Alert! Meet bXd’s Five Fierce, Charming Members

Sawadee, Thai pop enthusiasts! Prepare to be mesmerised by the fierce and vibrant personalities and enchanting sounds of Thailand’s freshest sensation – bXd!

The group’s name “bXd” stands for “Born Never Die” and consists of five talented members, including Natchanok “Miu Miu” Phungtham (rapper), Rinrada “Primy” Sinchai (vocalist), Charisa “Chari” Oldham (vocalist), Saruda “Sunny” Srinarong (rapper), and Chawanluk “Amy” Kungwankiatichai (vocalist), all falling within the age range of 16 to 20 years old.

If you attended the OCTOPOP Festival 2022, chances are you witnessed the live performance of their song, “Just Dance,” produced under the wing of Thai media company 4NOLOGUE.

bXd’s debut song is an upbeat blend of pop and electronic dance music that reflects the band’s dynamic personalities. With all members being exceptional dancers, their music allows them to express themselves passionately through the art of dance.

For an immersive experience, check out the official music video for "Just Dance" below:

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