Asia's Top Chef & Bartender Collab at Little Bao Central

May Chow & Juan Yi Jun: No Sleep Club Pop-up At Little Bao

The culinary and mixology spheres intersect on July 15, at Little Bao's Central venue. Asia's top female chef, May Chow, and the talent behind No Sleep Club, Juan Yi Jun, bring an innovative dining experience to the heart of Hong Kong.

Juan Yi Jun's No Sleep Club consistently pushes the boundaries of cocktail-making. Its unique offerings, crafted with modern techniques, have earned the bar prestigious accolades. Chow's Little Bao is equally revered, with a creative twist on Asian cuisine that's earned her recognition as one of Asia's best chefs.

"I am thrilled to be joining forces with Jun, whose prowess behind the bar is nothing short of awe-inspiring", said Chow. "Our guests are in for an evening of culinary and cocktail delights that encapsulates the best of what we do."

Attendees can anticipate a curated selection of No Sleep Club's cocktails, alongside Little Bao's iconic dishes, such as the 'Smashed' zucchini salad and the inventive 'Captain Crunch Bao'. The a la carte menu, available from 6 PM, caters to those preferring a less formal dining experience.

Given the high-profile collaboration, this event is sure to be in high demand and reservations are highly recommended. This one-of-a-kind culinary fusion not only showcases Chow and Jun's expertise but also highlights the diversity and vibrancy of Asia's F&B scene.

When: July 15

Where: Little Bao, 1-3 Shin Hing Street, Central, Hong Kong

How much: Book here, prices vary

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