Christmas 2023 in Hong Kong: Explore Santa's Secret Market

Santa's Secret Market Hosts Christmas Adventures for Families this Dec.

The holiday season is upon us, and you won’t have to stray all the way to the North Pole to celebrate! This year, Santa and his Elves are hosting a pre-Christmas celebration at Santa’s Secret Market, inviting families to indulge in a magical, fun-filled experience that promises to spark laughter and cheer.

Held in a location in Sheung Wan, revealed to eventgoers once they have confirmed their admission purchase, Santa's Secret Kingdom will lead families on a delightful journey through various sections of the market, each offering its unique charm.

From silly games to engaging themed activities, the market is designed to entertain and amaze. Kids and adults alike will find themselves immersed in a gingerbread-scented, tinsel-wrapped wonderland, where laughter and magical moments are in abundant supply.

One of the highlights of this festive extravaganza is the opportunity to meet a host of entertaining characters, including Santa and his hardworking Elves. The Elves, having acclimatized to Hong Kong weather and successfully managed the toy factory, are ready to share their joy and insider information about the icy North Pole with visiting families.

But the fun doesn't stop there. Children can expect to take home special mementoes from their visit, including some edible artwork that they hand decorate themselves, while adults may receive a special treat as well for spreading holiday cheer.

Additionally, families can join Santa for one of the cosy story time sessions held on either Dec. 4, 7, or 8. This is just the way to get into the Christmas spirit.

To make this experience even more personal, upon purchasing tickets, adults will receive detailed information via email, while children will get a personalized invitation and map in the post. This thoughtful touch ensures that the magic begins even before attendees step into Santa's Secret Kingdom! Click the event below to learn more.

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