James Wong and Kayla Lau Give Tips on Staying Fit and Happy


Fitness Power Couple James Wong & Kayla Lau Share How to Stay Fit and Happy

Popular fitness KOL couple James Wong and Kayla Lau are Hong Kong’s fittest online fitness duo, growing their Instagram pages to record numbers sharing their health journey together, and tips for others.

As a fitness trainer, James shares his own path to getting stronger and faster, whilst Kayla is committed to changing how we wear athleisure clothing with her start-up, Metanoia.

To get to know Hong Kong’s two most well-known fitness influencers, The Beat Asia caught up with the couple, right after their marriage in November 2022 and right before their honeymoon, to hear how they do it.

What is the love story between you James and Kayla, and how did it begin?

Kayla: Our relationship began in the beginning of 2018; we met through social media with a “hey” message. Who would’ve guessed this message would lead to “I do” at the aisle?

What are both of your connections to fitness and health?

James and Kayla: We believe interpreting a healthy lifestyle can promote longevity, at the end we would want to be healthy and fit whilst playing with our grandchildren. We also inspire each other, from training to [our] diet, everyone gets their down days. But we are always there for each other to pick ourselves up.

How did your journeys as KOLs begin and your social media story play out in the beginning?

Kayla: it started when Instagram was just a platform for friends and family, we didn’t think much. Simply just sharing our thoughts and positivity.

In your role as a personal trainer, what does it mean to keep fit and be fit in today’s Hong Kong?

James: Keeping fit is more than working out, it’s keeping consistency in a lifestyle. A lot of people train to look good, but I think training for mental health is equally important due to the stress we all have in Hong Kong. I believe having a balanced lifestyle and awareness is the key to longevity, as fitness is not always black and white.

What inspired you to create Metanoia aiding the fitness community and athleisure market with female-friendly products?

Kayla: I was a very insecure girl in the past who always [compared] myself to other social media influencers, I believe I’m not the only person to fall victim to self-doubt.

The brand metanoia derives from metamorphosis, like a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. I truly believe all females have this inner beauty that can be ignited by self-confidence, self-awareness, and self-love.

How do your roles as KOLs play into your relationship and everyday life?

James and Kayla: We both have full time jobs, so we understand how busy life can get. We try our best to share health tips and how to keep a stable relationship. We used to travel a lot in the pre-COVID time, now that the world is opening up, we hope to travel more and share more authenticity apart from our daily working lives.

How does married life and 2023 now look for you two?

James and Kayla: We lived together for the past two years, although being married is a legal status. We don’t think there’s much of a difference. We are very excited in our next chapter in life together, we are learning how to be parents, starting with being pet parents.

If there was a message you want to leave for your fans, what would it be?

James and Kayla: carpe diem, be true to yourself, but also don’t take time for granted. Because time is the most valuable essence in life.

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