7 Debit Cards to Use in Hong Kong This 2022
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The Best Debit Cards to Use in Hong Kong 2022

The Best Debit Cards to Use in Hong Kong 2022

Debit cards have been gaining popularity in Hong Kong in recent years, offering more cash rebates than credit cards, added security when purchasing goods in the city, and implementing easy-to-use online payment gateways, making it easier to pay friends and family with FPS or direct transfers.

In this article, we will help you to define and find the best debit cards for you in Hong Kong in 2022.

HSBC Mastercard Debit Card

HSBC’s dedicated debit card provides its users with easy access to withdrawing cash in 12 major currencies debited directly from foreign currency deposits in your HSBC integrated account, with no handling fees and free withdrawals worldwide.

Using the Mastercard debit card, users can enjoy a 0.4% cash rebate on all eligible purchases and pay wirelessly with Mastercard contactless.

Apply now for a HSBC Mastercard Debit Card here.

Citi Plus Debit Mastercard

Using Mastercard’s system, Citibank’s contactless debit card affords users foreign currency purchases directly from more than 20 foreign currency accounts within a Citi saving account.

With a 2% unlimited cash rebate on foreign currency spending, users can withdraw cash at Citibank or JETCO ATMs in Hong Kong, whilst enjoying free ATM cash withdrawals at Citibank ATMs globally.

Apply for a Citi Plus Debit Mastercard here.

livi Debit Mastercard

Livi Bank’s new Mastercard debit card positions itself with cashback offers and waiving of exchange and handling fees locally and worldwide. No foreign exchange is necessary when spending around the world, with payments settled securely in Hong Kong dollars.

With the debit card and livi PayLater Mastercard, users can enjoy up to 8% cashback on all online spending in Hong Kong (cash back capped at HK$500). In Hong Kong, livi bank offers 1% cash back for Octopus top-ups via the debit card using Apple Pay.

Apply for a livi Debit Mastercard here.

WeLab Debit Card

WeLab’s dedicated Hong Kong-dollar debit card promises users with a welcome 10% cash rebate on dining in the city when opening the virtual card. The physical card of the account prioritises security with no card number and security code information, allowing users to withdraw cash for free on the city’s Jetco network and HK$30 each time in the Mastercard/Cirrus network.

The WeLab debit card combines both an ATM card and Mastercard bank card together for users to effortlessly switch between accounts.

Apply for a WeLab Debit Card here.

ZA Card

New Hong Kong bank startup ZA’s Debit Card promises users an enviable 6% cash rebate on all online spending in Hong Kong on the city’s first Visa card with personalised number. In a special offer with Deliveroo, all orders using the food delivery app offers an 11% cash rebate.

ZA’s cash rebate is issued using ZA Coins, with every 100 ZA Coins exchangeable for HK$1 cash deposited in the users Savings Go account. The debit card can be used instantly when signed up using the ZA app on iPhone and Android phones.

Apply for a ZA Card here.

MOX Card

With their revolutionary “Flip” feature on Mox Card’s all-in-one numberless debit-credit card, users with Mox Cards can enjoy effortless switching from spending on Mox Account with debit or Mox Credit, with unlimited 0.5% cash rebates sent to debit bank account.

Mox Card is available to use handle-fee city-wide on the Jetco ATM network, costing HK$20 each time using the Mastercard/Cirrus network, and HK$30 for overseas Jetco ATM cash withdrawals.

Apply for a MOX Card here.

Hang Seng Debit Card

Hang Seng’s dedicated debit card is linked with Hong Kong cash rebate platform yuu and its dedicated Rewards Program, will all cash rebates issued with yuu points to spend across the city.

With free handling-fees for withdrawing cash at Hong Kong-wide Hang Seng and HSBC ATM network, Hang Seng Debit Card is linked with the Hang Seng HKD account to automatically add value to debit card when switching between credit cards.  

Apply for a Hang Seng Debit Card here.

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