Jazzie Films Shoots Beautiful Hong Kong on Instagram Reels

Who is Jazzie Films? The Viral Instagram Filmmaker Capturing Beautiful HK

Soft orange sun hits a tram, passing an elderly man shuffling down a teeming high street in the west side of Hong Kong Island. A sharp serif font reads ‘Kennedy Town,’ while a filmmaker records his view of the innate beauty of the charming neighbourhood.

The filmmaker behind this video, shared on Instagram reels, is Jazzie Sillona, a Filipino Hong Kong-based videographer who has gone viral for his elegant videos capturing city street scenes bursting with life and energy.

“I’ve been here for more than five years, three years here full-time,” Jazzie tells The Beat Asia, “working as a filmmaker in Hong Kong.” After finishing his studies in Manila, Jazzie returned to the city, first freelancing, before opening his company, Jazzie Films, in early 2022.

At his digital media company, Jazzie creates films for restaurant, hotel and corporate clients. “During this journey with my company, I felt I should also produce personal projects for myself.”

“Five months ago, I began filming the [Instagram reels]. I shot one reel titled ‘POV: You’re travelling to Hong Kong,’ then surprisingly people loved it. As I was travelling at the time, when I got back, I shared another POV reel, and more people loved it!”

Jazzie describes his autumn 2022 trip to New York is the inspiration behind the style of his now-synonymous Hong Kong neighbourhood reels.

“New York is all about nostalgia and jazz. I also feel that connection with Hong Kong, the music of jazz, and because my name is Jazzie. I thought, hey, maybe I could try and use this style instead of mainstream, trendy music for reels.

Since November 2022, Jazzie has filmed over 70 reels of Hong Kongers in their daily world, serene and industrious city neighbourhoods, and the calming nature of the city.

Jazzie sees his beautiful filming of Hong Kong as advantageous to the city’s reopening after COVID-19, welcoming tourists back to the city, when “the only thing people have heard about [Hong Kong] are the protests.”

“Some people who haven't been here don't know what Hong Kong is or how special it is."

"Everything about Hong Kong is special. Wherever I point out my iPhone or camera, I feel everything's special and unique. There’s a story to tell. You just need to see it or appreciate it.”

When asked what he loves about Hong Kong, Jazzie replies “there’s too much to mention. I could say the people and culture,” a central theme to his reels that follow Hong Kongers in their rhythmic and artistic habits and way of daily life.

“I want to share more posts about the nature of Hong Kong to promote it, since many don’t know that Hong Kong is more than just the city. That's why Hong Kong is called an urban jungle.”

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