Funniest Hong Kong Instagram Meme Accounts to Follow Online


Funniest Hong Kong Instagram Meme Accounts to Follow for Top Tier Memes

Need to keep up with Hong Kong and what’s happening in town? Follow these hilarious meme pages on Instagram for the finest of jokes.


The talk of the town and Instagram’s meme landscape has to be @hkmehmeh where the city’s leading expat meme creator mocks everything in the know; from embarrassing cultural moments, silly traditions and habits, and bizarre everyday news stories.


Inspired by the uber popular Facebook page Chaotic Hong Kong Expats, @chaoshongkong is the group’s Instagram source for mocking even more rowdy city dwellers, namely (almost always) the French and oblivious demographics who think they’re absolved from mockery.


Founded in 2018, @hongkonggag is one of the city’s oldest surviving English meme pages, created to take aim and mock people, places, things featured in the news cycle and cultural zeitgeist: expats and rowdy tourists, neighbourhood stereotypes, and bizarre Cantonese happenings.


Beyond your traditional meme production and parody, @mtrsleepers is a hugely popular meme page in Hong Kong, capturing the sleepers, dozer-offers, resting dreamers, and snorers on Hong Kong’s giant MTR system.

One of Hong Kong’s most jokiest meme pages, riffs and takes aim at everything in Hong Kong: drunk and brunchy expat culture, weird political quips, silly influencer and KOL trends, and weird Cantonese customs that many of us hold true to our hearts.

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