‘Inside Out 2’ to Hit Cinemas With New Emotion Next Year

A New Emotion! Pixar Releases Teaser for Upcoming ‘Inside Out 2’

Oh no, it looks like the headquarters is about to get chaotic! Pixar's animated movie "Inside Out 2" just released its first teaser, introducing a new emotion for the now-teenager Riley.

Almost nine years since its release in 2015, Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger are all doing well guiding Riley's emotions, but things are about to stir up as the not-so-baby lead character is all grown up and bound to feel new emotions. Enter Anxiety, the latest addition to the team.

It seems like the jaded orange emotion, voiced by Maya Hawke, will shake things up in the headquarters and potentially lead Riley into a brand-new adventure as she navigates her challenging teenage years. This new addition will introduce a range of emotions reflecting Riley's journey into adolescence.

Set to hit theatres worldwide next year, get ready for a feel-good, or more like a feel-everything, type of movie animation.

For more information about the film’s upcoming release, make sure to follow Pixar's Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) or check their website.

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