The Beat Asia’s Guide to Netflix Exclusives on March 2023
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What's On Netflix? New TV Shows and Movies for March 2023

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Password shenanigans aside, Netflix isn’t going to slow down. They are still the biggest streamer in the world, and people are waiting for their stacked release lineups. More than that, even as layoffs and content drop-offs are ravaging rival streamers, Netflix seems to be…fine. At the very least, it’s not dropping exclusives from the platform like a particular competitor.

Moreover, with more reason to stay inside as it gets hotter, we at The Beat Asia have a few recommendations for your eventual cooldown couch life this March.


‘You’ Season 4 (Part 2) | March 9

Joe is back…again. For season four. Netflix knows his toxic appeal will keep fans on their toes, as this is the first time that the series has dropped in two parts. Nonetheless, Joe continues his English holiday, he tries to be not himself. We won’t spoil anything for you, but everything you’ve come to love (or hate-love) about the show is still here. This season is even better executed (sorry, Joe’s victims) than both of the past seasons, so definitely worth digging your nails into this month.

‘The Glory’ Season 1 (Part 2) | March 10

Song Hye-kyo’s less-than-noble character for “The Glory” is a revelation. In a way, this show is the perfect international re-introduction for the megastar Korean actress, whose years after “Descendants of the Sun” have been dominated by her short marriage to co-star Song Joong-ki. Now, her portrayal of revenge-driven Moon Dong-eun should focus the discussion on her acting prowess, which has been underrated. She has more people on her list, and we can’t wait for the twisted things she has in mind.

‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2 | March 16

Netflix’s “Shadow and Bone” is an adaptation triumph that deserves way more attention that it commands now. You can see that the showrunners respect the source material tremendously. The sets, costumes, and general execution are just stunning. Not to mention, they got the story right. All these created a near-perfect first season, and if they do the same things for season two, it’s going to be a breakout season for the best high-fantasy series right now.


‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ | March 10

Many can argue that it was “Luther,” and not “The Wire,” that put Idris Elba into superstar territory. While the former is more of a collective triumph, and an all-time triumph at that, “Luther” showed Idris Elba can carry a show by himself. No one yet is able to replicate his magnetic performance as a copper in London, where his law officer is prone to unlawful behavior. It really was a highlight in Elba’s career, which in the series run, gave him four Emmy nominations. This time, though, “Luther” is back for a possible finale film where he will be chasing a serial killer in London. Jack the Ripper, anyone?

‘Murder Mystery 2’ | March 31

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler’s crime-solving movie is a blockbuster movie in the small screen. The sequel will be a globe-trotting journey for the duo, where they are given the choice to solve the crime or die. The movie looks like a romp, and who’s going to miss the chance of seeing Rachel in Paris without Ross in tow?

‘Kill Bookson’ | March 31

One of the more interesting Korean dramas to come out on Netflix, “Kill Boksoon” is about a murderer mother who nurtures during the day and does quite the opposite at night. If the trailer comes correct by release time, we will be regaled with some pretty spectacular small-screen action sets. No one is saying that this is John Wick in the east, but if it’s anything like that, we got a new favorite movie.

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