House of Hummus Launches New Online Delivery Service for HK


House of Hummus Launches New Online Delivery Service for Israeli Dip Lovers

House of Hummus has officially launched as a new online delivery service, serving fresh hummus, dips and baked breads straight to your door every morning in Hong Kong.

The popular Israeli (or Middle Eastern) dip is made with fresh ingredients in the company's factory in Hong Kong and serves three styles of hummus: The Classic, The Lemon Garlic, and The Cumin Paprika (all HK$69).

With your big tub of creamy chickpea dip, grab yourself either Pita Bread (HK$30), Zaatar Challah, or Rosemary Rocksalt Challah (both HK$55) to wipe up the dip with some gluteny goodness. House of Hummus also sells The Dreamy Tahini (HK$69) and The Baba (HK$80) for variance to your dip deliveries.

According to founder of House of Hummus (and Chief Hummus Officer) Amit Sharon, made-to-order hummus has a great nutty, creamy quality that you can’t find in-store. “Once you switch to freshly made hummus, it's hard to go back to store-bought ones that are filled with preservatives and stabilisers,” he says.

To get your hummus fix, head over to the House of Hummus website to order now.

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