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Delish Eats: Quiero Más, Modern Spanish Crowning Jewels Amidst City Views

Restaurant story: Perched on the Penthouse level of the M88 Tower, overlooking the Lan Kwai Fong hubbub, Quiero Más boasts a modern culinary experience that draws from Spanish flair. The menu showcases an array of well-loved Spanish dishes with Mediterranean influences for an inventive spin.

Chef story: With the foundations set up by Chef Alex Fargas, Chef Javi Perez-Freire has brought the restaurant’s bold creations to the next level with techniques and elements tying back to his roots. Hailing from the Northwest of Spain, his culinary expertise has been coloured by Portuguese cuisine, evident in the addition of certain flavour profiles into the classically Spanish items presented.

What’s the vibe and venue like: I was able to take over the Dining Room, which was adorned with cobalt blue and turquoise accents. Against the warm oak flooring, plush sofa banquettes that curve along the grand glass windows, and hints of Art-Deco style, the environment is filled with sleek detailing all whilst offering a comfortable vibe.

Quiero Mas' bright and spacious interiors

How much does it cost: The set is priced at HK$538 per person; with five tapas, two main dishes, and a dessert. There is a minimum order of two people.

What is the menu about: Chef Javi's Tasting Menu has been crafted for two, and features crowd favourites that diners have kept returning for over the years alongside exciting new items made to feature a touch of the seasonal main ingredient – Bluefin tuna.

What did we order: Southern Seas, Tuna and Ajoblanco, Garlic Prawns with Truffle Cheese Bikini Sandwich, Suckling Pig, Paella Barcelona

(Not pictured) Jamón Ibérico Paletilla 36 Months with Pan con Tomate, Tuna with Huevos Rotos, Mille-feuille with White Chocolate Vanilla-Crème & Raspberries

Quiero Más

Southern Seas: After sampling the decadent cured hams, the starters begin with a dish that glows with the air of summer. Marinated in a bright mixture of citrus and lemongrass, the scallop tasted light, mellow, and refreshing when paired with the rich cream. Playing with dimensionality, there are bits of added shallot that gives another level of texture, and an edible floral ornament that evokes images of coast-side tapas.

Tuna and Ajoblanco: Mixed from roasted garlic and sunflower oil, the ajoblanco provided a velvety, flavour-rich contrast to emphasize the freshness and quality of the marinated tuna. The soup itself is zesty yet musky with savouriness, not unlike an upgraded aioli, with an added touch of umami from a sundried raisin to cut through.

Quiero Más

Garlic Prawns with Truffle Cheese Bikini Sandwich: The bikini sandwich was buttered and toasted in the fragrance of garlic, adding another layer of personality to a dish using a bit of piquant vibrance. This toasted pocket is a dish that would please anyone, with that extra bit of oomph for an elevated touch. Though the garlic confit itself lacks the punch I was anticipating, the flavour has been soaked beautifully into the prawns, making each bite of flesh succulent and juicy.

Quiero Más

Suckling Pig: The star of the show and a Quiero Más essential, this signature dish blends the classic Spanish style of serving with some inventive fusion twists. The gravy the crisped meat is served over has some undertones of tartness and tomato, blending into the pumpkin purée it’s served beside and bringing out a slight fruitiness in the roasted potato.

Quiero Más

Paella Barcelona: As the adage goes - ‘you don’t mess with the classics.’ Incorporating all the beats that make up why the Quiero Más menu has remained beloved by the city’s gastronomes. Each grain has been evenly coated in that signature russet glaze, with the edges getting crisped. Its simplicity gave the prawns and mussels shine-time, with the crustacean tasting particularly succulent in its natural juices.

Quiero Más

What we liked: The space is a beautiful one that offers a solid backdrop and fun sharing plates no matter the type of gathering. As the sun goes down and the city lights up in multicoloured rays, the penthouse view offers a quiet corner of the neighbourhood to enjoy it from.

What we didn’t like: I had hoped for some sauce on the Paella as the rice to seafood ratio felt a little skewed.

What you should order: Several of the items also make an appearance on the a-la-carte menu as staples of the restaurant. Highlights of my Spanish spread included the Jamón Ibérico Paletilla 36 Months with Pan con Tomate, Southern Seas, Garlic Prawns with Truffle Cheese Bikini Sandwich, Suckling Pig, Tuna with Huevos Rotos.

Location: Quiero Más, 20/F, M88, Wellington Place, 2-8 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong

Contact details: +852 2383 0268

This food review is based on a complimentary media tasting provided by Quiero Más in exchange for a truthful review and no compensation. The opinions expressed within represent the views of the author.   

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