Mirror-inspired OOTDs if You’re Obsessed in Neutral Colours


Mirror-inspired OOTDs if You’re Obsessed With Neutral Colours

If South Korea has BTS, the Philippines has SB19, and Singapore has JJ Lin, then Hong Kong has Mirror.

Mirror is a Cantopop boy band with 12 members consisting of Keung To, Anson Lo, Edan Lui, Ian Chan, Anson Kong, Frankie Chan, Jeremy Lee, Stanley Yau, Alton Wong, Jer Lau, Tiger, and Lokman Yeung.

The name of the group – Mirror – was inspired by the reflection of a looking glass where it represented their real selves and group identity.. Debuted in 2018, some of the group’s hit songs are "One Moment in Time,” “Warrior,” “Ignited,” and “Innerspace,” among others.

Wondering how popular Mirror is in Hong Kong? Aside from multiple advertisements, Miro (Mirror’s fandom name) greets their idols through billboards and LED screen displays. For instance, you can see an iconic tram covered with Keung To’s photo during his 22nd birthday and a McDonald’s meal named after him. Anson Lo, on the other hand, received a cruise ship with an LED light display and an enormous billboard along the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront crowdfunded by his fans to greet him on his special day.

It was not just the boys' spectacular music and dance routines that made them stand out from the crowd, they also captured everyone's attention with their impeccable fashion styles and outfits.

Skip the prints and patterns, here are some go-to styles or OOTD ideas if you want to dress like your idols with a minimalist wardrobe. Keep on scrolling!

During the group’s announcement of their official fan club, they posted a photo of them wearing neutral ensembles. Each of them looks dashing in grey, nude, and white coats and trousers, which are pretty much perfect for casual events or for classy streetwear fashion inspo.

Frankie Chan's All-White Outfit

While Frankie Chan is known for his interesting looks, his excellent fashion sense also makes him one of the group's most popular singers. If you’re a fan of his, you’ll know that Chan has a penchant for mixing and matching different clothing items in striking colour combinations, as well as wearing statement eyeglasses.

He also loves to dress in cool black suits and all-white outfits. You can cop Chan’s effortlessly chic all-white outfit with a grey top look. Just make sure you are wearing the right fabric for the season and put on neutral accessories for extra oomph.

Tiger Qiu's Minimalist Grey Knit Sweater 

You’ve probably recognised him for being the only curly, long-haired member of the group. Tiger Qiu first drew the public’s attention with his Latin dance in "Making Stars for All."

Qiu’s fashion sense generally includes oversized shirts with matching long shorts, sneakers, and a hat or cap.

If you’re looking for some ready-to-go street casual wear, check out Qiu’s grey knit sweater with a minimalist design paired with a black polo underneath.

Stanley Yau's Earthy-Toned Outfit

You will never go out of style with these classy earthy-toned outfits picked by Stanley Yau, who is an active member of Mirror as well as the dance group "Chesnut Dance Crew."

As a celebrity and performer, Yau's wardrobe mainstays include slightly more casual and aesthetic clothes. Whether it’s a knitted sweater and baggy pants or a blazer, Yau knows how to dress comfortably while maintaining his sophisticated looks.

Jeremy Lee's Neutral-Coloured Layered Outfit

Jeremy Lee, the group's youngest member, is a fan of the minimalist fashion trend as well. You can see how he incorporated layers with neutral colour palettes: nude, brown, and black. Just be careful when copping this outfit to avoid a fashion disaster when dressing many garments.

Jer Lau's Tonal Hoodie and Jacket

Just like other Asian groups attending events of luxury brands abroad, Mirror’s Jer Lau was invited by an Italian luxury fashion house last 2021. If you’re a fan of Emporio Armani, you can shop Lau’s edgy and stylish ‘fit featuring the brand’s autumn and winter collection.

If layering two jackets is your thing, then these tonal hoodie and jacket are the perfect choice to ensure they complement each other – and that no colours are clashing.

Lokman Yeung's Spirited Away Ensemble

For those who adore Lokman Yeung's taste in fashion, this "Spirited Away" ensemble is a must-have.

From signature bags to embroidered tops, Yeung is wearing LOEWE in collaboration with Studio Ghibli. Because of its versatility, this black and white outfit makes it ideal for everyone regardless of season, time, and age.

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