The Benefits of Training Martial Arts at Espada Hong Kong


Train Martial Arts at Hong Kong's Kid-friendly Espada Fitness Studio

Fitness studio Espada in Sheung Wan is one of Hong Kong’s top-rated locations for martial arts tutorials and classes in Brazilian jiujitsu (BJJ), mixed-martial arts (MMA), boxing, muay Thai, No-gi, boxing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), and yoga.

The combat sports studio offers an extensive list of classes for children and adults, covering all age and skill groups and interest in martial arts. It is the only Hong Kong affiliate of the worldwide Atos Jiu-jitsu academy located in San Diego, U.S., led by professor Rodrigo Caporal, a Brazilian BJJ and MMA world champion who founded the studio in 2016.

Alongside professor Rodrigo Caporal, Pakistani-born Hong Konger Nosh Khan and Brazilian Pablo da Silva joined the team to train students. Nosh began his martial arts career training in Kyokushin Karate, before maturing into a muay Thai and BJJ coach at the Espada studio. Pablo is skilled in Atos jiujitsu and MMA, holding multiple competition titles.

At Espada, the team of champion-winning coaches provides a comfortable and motivating atmosphere for all students. Classes aimed at children build mobility, flexibility, strength, fitness, and confidence training.

Espada Fitness Studio

Increase your physical fitness

Offering designed programmes for children aged 3 to 14, Espada’s Junior Program and Little Ninja’s Program afford children the space to understand the teaching of the in-hour MMA curriculum, building dexterity and strength, developing motor skills, and improving physical fitness.

Children training at Espada can undergo programmes such as BJJ Tots (3-5 years), Kids MMA, Gymnastics (8-12 years), BJJ Kids (10+ years), and Teen BJJ, learning key MMA techniques and skills to overpower and conquer their opponent in a safe training environment.

Build skills in self-defence

With coach Nosh’s expertise in personal training and self-defence, and professor Rodrigo’s experience in MMA, self-defence is key in all Espada’s training with children programmes. Classes of the Junior Program involve mental and physical exercises and games to teach students how to best defend themselves in a moment of crisis.

With Espada’s exposure to many martial arts practices for children, lessons in MMA and BJJ allow students to learn skills to practically defend themselves in threatening situations both in Hong Kong and abroad, while building confidence.

Espada Fitness Studio

Learn how to act in discipline

At Espada, students learn from a well-skilled coaching team trained internationally, equipped to impart their level of dedication and discipline towards children undergoing all youth programs available at the studio.

Younger children are taught about composure and coach-student relationships in fun games that test their knowledge of fight rules and behaviour, while older children and teenagers are tasked with building their skills in responsibility and self-awareness.

Improve your mental health with fitness

All classes hosted at the Espada studio are key to boosting mental health in young students, equipping children with space to leave distractions and stress sources behind, and focus on training both the body and mind in the studio’s safe environment.

Gymnastics, BJJ, and MMA classes allow students to reduce school-related stress and anxiety by encouraging them to practice mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing techniques.

Espada Fitness Studio

Earn and give respect to others

Under Espada’s schedule, the studio’s BJJ and martial arts classes allow students to develop individually, as well as practice personal growth and respect for coaches and fellow students. The established coach team at Espada enriches students with their expertise, encouraging learners to respect instructors and classmates.

With classes conducted in an open environment and space, students are taught to understand their strengths and weaknesses and learn from peers, while respecting their coaches and forging a bond with other learners.

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