Carbon Neutrality Campaign Launches in HK for Climate Fight


Gov’t Launches Carbon Neutrality Campaign to Raise Climate Awareness in HK

The Environmental Campaign Committee (ECC) has launched a two-year Carbon Neutrality Publicity Campaign in Hong Kong to raise public awareness about climate change.

This campaign, sponsored by the Environment and Conservation Fund, is organised by the ECC to encourage the public to support decarbonisation strategies set out in Hong Kong's Climate Action Plan 2050.

The public is encouraged to change daily habits related to clothing, food, living, and travel to reduce carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

The Carbon Neutrality Publicity Campaign focuses on three sub-themes: energy saving, green transport, and waste reduction and recycling (including municipal solid waste charging). 

Gov’t Launches Carbon Neutrality Campaign to Raise Climate Awareness in HK

Secretary for Environment & Ecology Tse Chin-wan explained that the government will continue to develop zero-carbon energy, try using new energy solutions, and strengthen regional cooperation to achieve net-zero power generation.

To achieve the goals of zero vehicular emissions and zero carbon emissions in the transport sector before 2050, the government will continue to promote new energy transport, including buses, light buses, taxis, goods vehicles, and ferries.

The government will expand the community recycling network to promote waste reduction at source and clean recycling, and develop a new generation of waste-to-energy facilities to reduce landfill reliance.

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